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  1. Hi Guys :angry: I have a strange problem occurring here with trying to upgrade to uniform server 5.6.6 Nano I use Joomla Pack now “AKEEBA BACKUP” for all our Joomla sites, some on Cpanel & some sites on Uniform Server Mona 4.0 Joomla Pack takes a remote backup of the complete websites and databases and I can re install them on any Cpanel and Uniform Server Mona 4.0 but when trying to re install them on 5.6.6 Nano everything installs correctly and the sites run but all the website menus do not display and if you log into the back end the menus are listed but when you click on any menu say “Main Menu” the listings are missing Even If I don’t use Joomla Pack and just backup the database and import into Nano I have the same results Am I missing something really silly here? Any suggestions would be great Danny
  2. Hi jdk, Yes Don’t fully Log Off your windows account just lock the server under that account pressing the windows key and L together Danny
  3. Hi Ric, Feedback on Mod_Dav First thing first, thanks so much Ric for your help and your really good instructions on how to active this. This is for anyone who may want to use the shared calendar function using Mozzila Thunderbird with the Lightning Plugin Theses Settings follow on from Ric's instructions as above (Setup Uniform Server First) Once you have installed Thunderbird and the Lightning Plugin select calendar from the bottom left and then: 1.in the left hand side panel under the default calender right click and select new calendar 2.select On My Computer 3.Type a Name 4.click next 5.now right click the calendar you have just made and select Export Calendar 6.save as type “iCalendar (*.ics)” 7.export the calendar to a location of your choice 8.then place the file in www/calendar 9.delete the calendar from the left hand side panel that you have just setup ok that's the calendar now setup and now we are going to connect to the calendar over the network 1.open Thunderbird 2.go to the bottom left and select calender 3.in the left hand pane under the default calendar right click 4.select new calender 5.select on the network “leave as icalendar (ICS)” as default 6.location: http://YOURADDRESS/calendar/danny.ics 7.change display name to want you want and choose color 8.leave the email address as yourself 9.click next to finish 10.it will then ask for a Username & Password that you setup earlier 11.select remember this password 12.you can now right click and delete the default home calendar if you want 13.go to the top tool bar and select tools & options 14.go across to the right hand side and select Lightning 15.change refresh settings to every 1 minute Now all your users are able to connect to the shared calendar across the network and have full access Bugs I have found so far 1st if 2 users input data at exactly the same time and exactly the same appointment date & time it will generate an error. To resolve this you will have to delete one of the calendars that is affected from the left hand side panel and set it up again – no data will be lost 2nd bug if the users are using reminders and they pop up at the same time 5 minutes before the appointment and both users click snooze or remind me in 5 minuets this also can generate the same error these are just a couple of things I have found so far not sure why this is happening but there you go! Be on the safe side and hit reload at the top just before you input any data, and make sure that you have selected refresh setting every 1 minute. I think this will only affect a busy office. Cheers & Thanks Ric Danny
  4. Ric you’re a star I will give this ago today and let you know how I get on kindest regards Danny
  5. Hi Guys, it’s been a while!! I was just wondering if anyone has been able to do the following on Uniform Server: (or might be able to help? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this) I would like to use Mozilla Thunderbird Calendar “Lightning” to share calendars between users but as I understand this is mainly done using Linux Server Platforms This is what Mozilla say about it in the FAQ Now I already run Uniform Server in production so if there is a way to active this or any help or assistance I would be greatly appreciated Regards Danny
  6. Try this and let me know Personally I would remove everything out of the WWW Make a copy first Make sure WWW is empty Unzip Joomla inside WWW Setup another database in PHPMyAdmin Go to the other computer you want to control this from Type in the ip address of the server http://192168.1.3 or wherever uniserver is installed Setup and install Joomla from that machine – install sample data for testing Leave all the default settings alone and try that Just a thought are you trying to connect to the server using a Domain name or IP address? Danny
  7. Hi jgolf, Delete the htaccess and tell what it does then Danny
  8. Hi jgolf, Are you saying that you want to access this from another computer - Local? No need to change the configuration.php file in Joomla In the Root folder WWW Just change the htacess file from Deny Access From All to Allow Access From All or delete this file Then go to your other computer open up your browser and type in http://the_ip_address_of_your_server/ That’s it – no need to change any files in Joomla Danny
  9. Hi hawkesley, Do you still have the htaccess file in www.? Danny
  10. Hi nojiri, I think this might be helpful to you. have used this myself about 150 times it's Brilliant The best thing you can do is install JoomlaPack (Backup) 1) Download JoomlaPack2.x ZIP from here http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/jpack/frs/ you will also need to download the Kickstart 2.1 ZIP 2) Install JoomlaPack Componant into your live site 3) Once installed go to, Components > JoomlaPack > Backup Now (leave all settings as default no need to change any settings) scroll to the bottom of the page and then hit Backup, once it starts backing up your site do not press anything or hit the back button wait until you see, Back up Successful 4) FTP Into your live site go to, administrator\components\com_joomlapack\backup and download your backup ZIP 5) Ok once downloaded go to the machine were you are going to setup the demo, create a database on Uniform Server and call it the same or anything you like 6) Place your backup ZIP folder inside your empty website folder along with the Kickstart ZIP, make sure there is nothing in there 7) Only extract the kickstart ZIP 8) Open your browser and go to your NEW website http://localhost 9) You will then see 3 files, Your backup zip, kickstart zip and your Kickstart.php click on Kickstart.php and follow the instructions on the screen This will install a complete backup of your site and your database no need to do anything, all components will be installed as well You now have a complete duplicate of your website you can demo Hope this helps Danny
  11. Hi Punk... If Uniform server is not installed as a service I use the Unicontroller If Uniform is installed as a Service I use the Uninstall.bat & Install.bat But that is my preference and I have never had a problem Danny
  12. Hi Punk Firstly I think you need to upgrade you computer to XP SP3 and 1E7 or Firefox Regarding your virtual host settings I always restart my services after every new Virtual host creation and it works without fail every time But like I said install all the latest updates and try again Danny
  13. Hi Muhammad Imran Latif Alhussaini, Mmmmmm, not sure if you should be using Olajideolaolorun’s GIF Image? If you want to create Databases then you should download the full version of Uniform Sever Danny
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  16. Hi cbs48, Glad it worked - Just some more info for you, it might help Now I presume that you have something like this to access your site? Have you got a .htaccess file in your www root folder ? if you have delete it or change to: #Order Deny,Allow #Deny from all #Allow from Now to make Joomla into an intranet login to the administrator Panel got to Site – Global Configuration, and select site offline and then save, this will now take your website offline to the general public from accessing it and also give you a login for your users, now for your users to login you need edit this code. Joomla/include/application.php 1. // Find this line: 2. if ($this->getCfg('offline') && $user->get('gid') < '23' ) { 3. //Change it to: 4. if ($this->getCfg('offline') && $user->get('gid') < '18' ) { Now all registered users can login to your intranet. You might also want to adapt the look of the login page to your site. Here we don't need to hack a thing, as we can use template overrides. Copy the file /templates/system/offline.php to /templates/[YOUR_TEMPLATE]/offline.php. It's plain HTML with some PHP tags, so you should have no problem editing it to your liking. Changing the graphics and some text will be sufficient for most people. Hope that helps Danny
  17. Hi cbs48, Have you got a .htaccess file in your www folder ? if you have delete it and try again Danny
  18. Hi Peter, I have installed Firefox with Unitray and can’t see a problem, I noticed that it is fractionally slower but not really noticeable, have you tried uninstalling Firefox and re installing a complete new version Danny
  19. Thanks Ric, This has really giving me food for thought!!!!!!! Thanks so much for your time help and effort on this issue the login works perfect. I will now try and implement this into our system. Danny
  20. Hi Guys, Now I wonder if anyone here can help me with this issue. I am running Joomla 1.5.7 & Vcalendar on Uniform Server. Now in my Joomla website I have a login section were the member logs in and then a separate menu comes up with a link to Vcalendar Now what I would like is when they click the link to Vcalendar they are automatically then logged into Vcalendar as there Username and Password are the same. I contacted Vcalendar and this is what they said: I have posted on Joomla Fourms and one Guy told me to try this Plugging & Module http://extensions.joomla.org/component/opt...,765/Itemid,35/ which I had no luck with Now I am finding this really hard to get my head round as I am not a programmer, and was just wondering if anyone would be able to help? Many thanks Danny
  21. Sorry dave521r, Added to the last post have you got a firewall running?
  22. Hi dave521r, Make sure you have a Back Up of your work first. 1) Turn off your firewall and stop IIS from running if no luck 2) Completely Uninstall IIS Services from windows XP (as this is easy to install again) reboot and Run Uniform Server again. Not quite sure dave521r why you are trying to run windows IIS alongside uniform server ? Danny
  23. Your welcome kalpz Glad it worked Danny
  24. Hi Clowes, Mmmmm, i feel for you but always make sure you back up your work!! You could try something like this, UndeleteMyFiles 2.6 - not sure if it will work Clowes? http://www.seriousbit.com/ And make sure that you have got view hidden files turned on just in case! if this doesn’t work maybe someone else might know Danny
  25. Hi kalpz, Try This: This should work ok Kalpz just paste in all the code and restart the services: NameVirtualHost * ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP########## # WWW.EZ-PC.CO.NZ <VirtualHost *> ServerName www.ez-pc.co.nz DocumentRoot /www/ezpc </VirtualHost> ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP########## # EZ-PC.CO.NZ <VirtualHost *> ServerName ez-pc.co.nz DocumentRoot /www/ezpc </VirtualHost> ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP########## # WWW.BUFFALOSTATS.HOPTO.ORG <VirtualHost *> ServerName www.buffalostats.hopto.org DocumentRoot /www/buffalostats </VirtualHost> ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP########## # BUFFALOSTATS.HOPTO.ORG <VirtualHost *> ServerName buffalostats.hopto.org DocumentRoot /www/buffalostats </VirtualHost> Danny
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