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  1. Solved! My dear user have a old instalation of mysql, unistalling this old version, uniserver works ok.
  2. I'm using a standard installation of uniform server. I only change the port number to 8080 and Apache work OK. I don't change the password and not is a type error, I try to access with phpmyadmin that have the password inside one file.
  3. I use the standard installation, but any operation related with MySQL not work (like phpMyAdmin). The password is root, but not work. Only fails in the computer that have IIS, but Apache works OK using port 8080 I don't know what it's the problem... Un saludo Carlos Garcés
  4. Hi! I'm using UniServer 3.5 with IIS in the same machine. I changed the port to :8080 and web server works, but I can't acces to MySQL database (Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)) I'm using the standar instalation, only change the lisening port, same configuration in other maquines without IIS works ok. Any idea? Un saludo Carlos Garcés
  5. I'm using Uniform Server 3.5 Coping language files to W:\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\lang\ not work, I only see English in the combo-box ¿any help?
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