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  1. There are some news about Propel. A few days ago they released 1.3.0RC1. The bundled version in the package above is - i didn't know exactly - something around 1.3.0 beta 2. Another interesting thing is that you can build Propel schemes with the new MySQL Workbench by adding a plugin (see more information on http://www.diloc.de/blog/2008/05/27/mysql-...export-plugin/). The MySQL workbench is located at http://dev.mysql.com/workbench/ . I also want to mention a fork of DBDesigner, that is more comfortable than DBDesigner (which makes sometimes a little trouble) but acts the same way ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/dbdesigner-fork ).
  2. FIRST: Propel is an object relational mapper for Databases. A ORM makes Objects from your tables and you don't have to write any SQL. For example: "INSERT INTO books (author_id, title, isbn) VALUES (1, 'Title', '1234')" will become: $book = new Book(); $book->setAuthorId(1); $book->setTitle('Title'); $book->setIsbn('1234'); $book->save(); And now the Story: Hello Uniform Server Team, i use Uniform Server now for a few years. And developing with it is so genial. One day, i tried to install Propel without PEAR, because PEAR is sometimes not available on WebSpace (and PHP4) and it took me lots of time to make it work - even it is so practical. So I decided to make a package for Uniform Server 3.5. Well, let me explain what's in there. It consists of two parts the core and a small example - so you can easily check if it works or not. It's still beta and I want some people to use it to find some Bugs - there is one bug I already know - IT DOES NOT WORK IF ANY PATH CONTAINS SPACES LIKE IN "UNIFORM SERVER" SO YOU HAVE TO RENAME THE SERVER MAYBE IN "UNISERVER" - this is caused by the DOS-Batch Files. I've bundled also a DBDesignerXML 2 PropelXML Tool, which I found on the Propel-Sites (http://propel.phpdb.org/trac/). To use this package do the following: Download a fresh Version of Uniform Server 3.5. - even it should not harm existing Systems, i wouldn't bet on it. Extract the packages over Uniform Server and rename afterwards the "Uniform Server" directory to a name without spaces. I recommend to extract both packages. There are three directorys in /www: 1st DBDesigner2Propel: If u use http://www.fabforce.net/dbdesigner4 you can create Propel-XML-Files from the Databasesheets created by DBDesigner - therefor copy the DBDesigner Databasescheme into /www/DBDesigner2Propel and hit build.bat. The Output should be a new Directory with a schema.xml file which can be used with Propel. 2nd Example (if Example Package is extracted): Example is a simple Implemantation of a running Propel System with SQLite Database as Backend. And the bookstore sample from the propel website. 3rd Propel: This contains the core components of propel. But it also contains the Directorys where u have to create your Object Relational Mapper Classes. Therefor go to /propel/protected/model and place your files, afterwards hit build.bat and a new directory with all required classes should appear. If you have extracted the example package you will find 2 samples. One with MySQL the other one with SQLite - this is the package behind the running Application in /www/Example (see 2nd). After you created your ORClasses you haven't finished. To run your propel system you have to make something like in /www/Example - it doesn't run on it's own. So please try it and tell me what hasn't work. Greetings from Germany Hannes Propel_Core_for_UniServer.zip Propel_Example_for_UniServer.zip
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