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  1. Thank you so much for your response! I changed those settings on my router, and I was able to access the server from my MAC. Thanks! Now, I'll check out the DynDNS set up documentation. Thanks again, Christian
  2. I have looked through the forums for this question, but have only found bits and pieces, never a straight-forward answer to my issue. My background with servers is extremely limited. I don't work with server, I only do web administration. Apache is a very complex, foreign tool for me. However, with my new job, I need a personal, home server in order to show my clients my web projects that I'm working on. This will be VERY light traffic to the server. That being said... I just installed Uniform Server on my PC, running Windowx XP. My computer is connected to the internet through a wireless connection to my router (a Linksys WRT54G Wireless - G Broadband Router), which is connected to my cable modem. I can access fine on my local PC. What I cannot do is access the server from another computer. I've read something about port forwarding, but I really am not sure where to even start with this. I didn't see any port forwarding features in my Wireless Modem administrative panel. Has anyone successfully been able to access the Uniform Server from a wireless connection? If so, what steps did you take? Is there easy-to-read/understand documentation on this? I am also registered with DynDNS.com, but again, I'm not too sure where to start. Thanks for any and all help you guys can provide! Christian
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