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  1. This thread poses a similar problem to mine. A “bull-in-china-shop” friend ‘installed’ (?) what looks to be the php portion of Uniform Server on my laptop - without me knowing. I am interested in installing a local host for my first foray into building/testing a php driven web site, but not until I’ve studied a bit. Dreamweaver MX 2004 occasionally goes into 10 second freezes - like some other process is pulling resources - this was not prevalent before this Uniform Server episode. How do I properly get rid of Uniform Server given the following: Currently: - There are Uniform Server files on the C: drive from the download (.zip) and the extraction (non-.zip). - A search for “php” shows the files listed above, plus many files like “UniServer3_2a\diskw\home\admin\WWW\phpMyAdmin-2.6.3-rc1\main.php” which appear to be OUTSIDE of the C: drive - see screenshot: http://www.open.org/~mdk/php_srch_rslts.htm - There IS C:\Uniform3_1_1s folder, but no “Uninstall.bat”. - no Uniform Server files in C:\program files area. - no Uniform Server info in Add\Remove programs listing. - no ‘manual in doc folder’ - doc folder only exists in the extracted files on C: . Any help is greatly appreciated
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