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    Unable to stop Apache

    And yes, I am planning to switch to Uniform, if I can uninstall this piece of shit called Easy-Php...
  2. esson

    Unable to stop Apache

    I have uninstalled EasyPhp, but still, the Apache process still exists in Services (services.msc), but it's status is flagged as "Starting", although it isn't doing anything. I still have the files Apache uses in C:\Program Files\EasyPhp\, I cannot delete them because it says it's used by another program. Yes, I am running Windows XP.
  3. Hello I have installed Easy-Php, and after I uninstalled it, everything uninstalled except Apache, that keeps saying "Starting" in Services, every time I log in, tried everything to stop it, cannot modify anything in the menu.I am desperate, please help.
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