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    cake php install

    make your .ataccess files which is located in www folder like: AllowOverride All Options Indexes Includes FollowSymLinks Order allow,deny Allow from all or you can delete it! your configuration of www folder is in apache/conf/httpd.conf already.
  2. As RIC said, the only thing you need is $font = 'C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\arial.ttf'; and copying the font to your script is not need. works fine. tested with the fresh uniformserver 3.5. ps: if you have the png file already please delete it first and test again.
  3. jacob lee

    How to config CGI

    does test.cgi exist in "/udrive/cgi-bin" folder? the error log says you do not have the script file in "/udrive/cgi-bin" folder.
  4. I see. I'm not english speaking. I'm learning english... thanks. curiosity solved.
  5. I'm just wondering why double "B"oard is used . The Uniform Server BBoard. Is there any reason for that?
  6. jacob lee

    How to config CGI

    what is need is error logs when the url is http://localhost/cgi-bin/test.cgi not http://localhost/cgi-bin/
  7. jacob lee

    How to config CGI

    internal server error shows you have a problem with your apache configuration file(httpd.conf). the original uniform server has no problem running your code. open your httpd.conf(/udrive/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf) and check your cgi-bin configuration. it should much like ScriptAlias /cgi-bin "/cgi-bin/" # "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/cgi-bin" should be changed to whatever your ScriptAliased # CGI directory exists, if you have that configured. <Directory "/cgi-bin/"> AllowOverride All Options ExecCGI </Directory> BUT if you have no problem with your first page of uniform server and can shutdown your server using your admin panel page then there might be another problem. check your apache log file also.
  8. I've changed pskill.exe to pv.exe a long time ago and I can't remember hearing beep sound after that. http://www.faratasystems.com/pview/prcview.htm
  9. using %CD% we can do a lot of things. open cmd.exe and type "echo %CD%". it will show like "C:\Documents and Settings\jacob lee" type "echo %CD:~0,1% then it will show "C" so we can change "set Disk=h" to: set Disk=%CD:~0,1% wow, I'm a Junior member!
  10. You are right. 100% agree. my only concern is why the error message gives double directory separator. that's it.
  11. RIC: the grammar using endswitch is right. override: I think you will solve this with this code: $i = $_GET['i']; switch($i).... then if you use "include(test1.php?i=1);" in your test.php then you will see "i equals 1" as a result.
  12. open(/tmp/\\sess_ov4uim9hrsfg8mod07sqomt2q6, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory it might be the configuration of temporary file path is wrong. /tmp/sess... or /tmp\\sess... is right but /tmp/\\sess... has double directory separator.
  13. So you made your own. I don't think it should called Uniformserver++. I have my own windows-folders style uniformserver. still I respect the owner of uniformserver. because of that reason when I started the firbird support project I made it adopted by the original uniformserver also. Yours is quite complicated and far from simplity. the idea of making uniformserver better is good as long as we respect the original work.
  14. Here you can see: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Installing_Firebird There will be some typos and poor grammers please correct them.
  15. One more thing needed. If you encounter 'too many open links(0)' error or 'Undefined service gds_db/tcp' error then add the following line to %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\services gds_db 3050/tcp #InterBase Server or use my php: <?php // Installs gds_db port to services file $system_root = getenv('SystemRoot'); $service_file = $system_root.'system32'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'drivers'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'etc'.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'services'; $lines = file($service_file); foreach ($lines as $line) { if (strpos($line, 'gds_db') !== false) { exit('gds_db port is already installed.'); } } $fp = fopen($service_file, 'a'); fwrite($fp, "\r\ngds_db 3050/tcp #InterBase Server"); fclose($fp); echo "gds_db port is successfully installed."; ?> actually I changed my code to check gds_db port whenever I start the server and install gds_db if it is not installed.
  16. Now I think it might be a wrong warning. I tested original slimftpd.exe version 3.181 it got the same warning. the other files are not version 3.181. the uc_slimftpd provides version 3.1.6. I'm sorry.
  17. Now the server is quickened! Sorry to bother you too but still I got the same warnning after I download and unzipped it: Trojan.Genlot.ALM the file is \usr\local\SlimFTPd\SlimFTPd.exe the antivirus program that I use is a korean program which uses bitDefender version 9 engine which is regarded as one of top class engines. I don't know if this is wrong warning or not but whenever I try to download slimftpd and use it from anywhere except the link I've got no problem.
  18. The zip file has troian virus in it.
  19. Right! I forgot to mention that!. and if any of you install any previous firebird as a service already, then shutdown the firebird server and delete gds32.dll in system32 and copy the new fbclient.dll to php folder and copy it again as a name "gds32.dll" for compatibility. thanks for mention that!.
  20. Recently I just had success on installing Firebird on the uniform server. If you want to use firebird as your database engine this article might give you a method if you don't know how to. 1. download firebird server uninstall version and uncompress the zip to the uniform server\udrive\usr\local and change the newly created folder name to firebird. 2. set folder where you save firebird database files. I set up like this: \udrive\var\firebird 3. open start_server.bat and find a line like: start \usr\local\mysql\bin\mysqld-opt.exe --defaults-file=/usr/local/mysql/bin/my-small.cnf 4. under that line write down: start \usr\local\firebird\bin\fbserver.exe -a (it means we run firebird as an application not a service) 5. save the file. 6. check whether you have php_interbase.dll in your php extension folder. if not you have to get it from php.net. if you want to use pdo then you need php_pdo_firebird.dll also. 7. open php.ini and find extension option and add: extension=php_interbase.dll if you want to use pdo then add also: extension=php_pdo_firebird.dll 8. add to php.ini: [InterBase] ibase.allow_persistent PHP_INI_SYSTEM ibase.max_persistent PHP_INI_SYSTEM ibase.max_links PHP_INI_SYSTEM ibase.default_db PHP_INI_SYSTEM ibase.default_user PHP_INI_ALL ibase.default_password PHP_INI_ALL ibase.default_charset PHP_INI_ALL ibase.timestampformat PHP_INI_ALL ibase.dateformat PHP_INI_ALL ibase.timeformat PHP_INI_ALL 9. "Strings in Firebird are delimited by a pair of single quote (apostrophe) symbols", so if you want convenience change the value of "magic_quotes_sybase" to "On" 10. save php.ini 11. open stop_server.bat and find the line: udrive\home\admin\program\pskill.exe Apache.exe c 12. add under that line: udrive\home\admin\program\pskill.exe fbserver.exe c (there is no way except we shutdown the server by using the tray icon. so we use pskill to kill the process by force.) 13. download the ibWebAdmin from sourceforge.net and unzip to ..\udrive\home\admin\www 14. open ibWebAdmin\inc\configuration.inc.php and change some values like: define('BINPATH', '/usr/local/firebird/bin/'); define('SECURITY_DB', '/usr/local/firebird/security2.fdb'); define('TMPPATH', '/tmp/'); define('DEFAULT_PATH', '/var/firebird/'); => for here we created \var\firebird folder! define('DEFAULT_HOST', 'localhost'); define('DEFAULT_CACHE', 8192); => for better caching define('DEFAULT_SERVER', 'FB_2.0'); $ALLOWED_DIRS = array('/var/firebird/', '/tmp/'); define('BACKUP_DIR', '/var/firebird/backup/'); => for this I created \var\firebird\backup folder! 14. save configuration.inc.php 15. open ..\udrive\usr\local\firebird\firebird.conf and change some values like: RootDirectory = \usr\local\firebird DatabaseAccess = Restrict W:\usr\local\firebird;W:\var\firebird;W:\var\firebird\backup TempDirectories = /tmp DefaultDbCachePages = 8192 (be careful when you define the DatabaseAccess, it should have the drive letter "W:", otherwise the firebird gives you error.) 16. save firebird.conf 17. open ..\udrive\home\admin\www\includes\tool.inc and find line: <a target="_phpmyadmin" onclick="h(this);" href="<?=$apanel?>/phpMyAdmin/"><?=$US['nav-pma']?></a> 18. add next : <a target="_ibwebadmin" onclick="h(this);" href="<?=$apanel?>/ibWebAdmin/"><?=$US['nav-ibwa']?></a> 19. open ..\udrive\home\admin\www\includes\server.inc and find line: <a target="content" onclick="h(this);" href="<?=$apanel?>/cgi-bin/includes/lang/<?=file_get_contents("includes/.lang");?>/smysql.cgi"><?=$US['nav-smysql']?></a> 20. add next : <a target="content" onclick="h(this);" href="<?=$apanel?>/cgi-bin/includes/lang/<?=file_get_contents("includes/.lang");?>/rfirebird.cgi"><?=$US['nav-rfirebird']?></a> <a target="content" onclick="h(this);" href="<?=$apanel?>/cgi-bin/includes/lang/<?=file_get_contents("includes/.lang");?>/sfirebird.cgi"><?=$US['nav-sfirebird']?></a> 21. open ..\udrive\home\admin\www\cgi-bin\includes\lang\en\sserver.cgi and find: system "/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe \"\\usr\\local\\mysql\\bin\\mysqladmin.exe --user=root --password=$password shutdown\""; } 22. add next: $res = system "\\home\\admin\\program\\pskill.exe", "fbserver.exe"; if ($res == 0){ system "/home/admin/program/pskill.exe fbserver.exe c"; } 23. save sserver.cgi 24. make rfirebird.cgi file in the same folder and the contents are: #!/usr/bin/perl require header; require secure; print " <div id=\"main\"> <h2>» Start Firebird</h2> <h3>Starting Firebird</h3> <p>"; &check_Firebird; if ($run) { if ($ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}eq"F"){ &start_Firebird; print "Firebird server was forced to start."; print "<br />"; } else { print <<ENDDD; Firebird server already running. <br /> But if you think that it is mistake click on this <a href="$ENV{SCRIPT_NAME}?F">link</a> <br /> </p> </div> ENDDD } } else { print <<ENDDD; Firebird server started. </p> </div> ENDDD require footer; &start_Firebird; } require footer; exit; sub check_Firebird(){ $res = system "\\home\\admin\\program\\pskill.exe", "fbserver.exe"; if ($res == 0){$run=1} else {$run=0} } sub start_Firebird(){ exec "/usr/local/firebird/bin/fbserver.exe -a"; } 25. make sfirebird.cgi file in the same folder and the contents are: #!/usr/bin/perl require header; require secure; print " <div id=\"main\"> <h2>» Stop Firebird</h2> <h3>Stopping Firebird</h3> <p>"; &check_Firebird; if ($run) { &stop_Firebird; print "Firebird server stopped.<br>"; } else { if ($ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}eq"F"){ &stop_Firebird; print "Firebird server was forced to stop."; print "<br>"; } else { print <<ENDDD; Firebird server was not running. <br /> But if you think that it is a mistake click on this <a href="$ENV{SCRIPT_NAME}?F">link</a> <br /> ENDDD } } print <<ENDDD; </p> </div> ENDDD require footer; exit; sub check_Firebird(){ $res = system "\\home\\admin\\program\\pskill.exe", "fbserver.exe"; if ($res == 0){$run=1} else {$run=0} } sub stop_Firebird(){ system "/home/admin/program/pskill.exe fbserver.exe c"; } 26. open \udrive\home\admin\www\includes\lang\en.php add in the code: 'nav-rfirebird' => 'Run Firebird', 'nav-sfirebird' => 'Stop Firebird', 'nav-ibwa' => 'ibWebAdmin', Still you need to learn how to use firebird becuase it is quite different from mysql.
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