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  1. Yes, your understanding is right. I want to take embedded link data that is stored in key/value pairings and move that data into a MySQL table that has already been built (so I assume I'll be using an INSERT command. However, I have to open the dtabase and table and then apply the right insert command (I've seen several versions on the web and they are almost all aimed at moving form data to a MySQL table instead of hyperlink data. I am assuming that I'll have to use a cookie to provide the proper format, but that seems duplicative (if such a word exists). I'll be happy with a cookie or cookie-less solution, just so the link data ends up in the table. This table will only hold the shopping cart data and I plan on running a "DELETE" (data) query after the deal has been approved (again, this is a school project and my aim is to show the process as cleanly as possible. I'll come back and deal with "best practices" after they've seen the skeleton). Thanks!! -Steve
  2. Hello, I am trying move data stored in an HTML hyperlink to MySQL. My understanding is that I have to use PHP to do this. My hyperlinks to the new page looks like this: <a href="info.php?ProdNum=123&ProdName=Shoes"> On the "info" page I have have created a cookie to hold these values and I can print them out on the 'info' page. I have also created a table named "cart" to hold the cookie. The table "cart" is located inside the database "store" (MySQL). This table is part of the database that I'm using in this site. Now, I need to insert the values from the link into my "cart" table. Because all the data for the insert is coming off my links, I don't need a lot in the way of 'die' statements and would prefer to not have them so that the working code is easier to see. If I must have 'die' statements, then so be it. Thanks!! -Steve
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