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  1. Yep, got it started. The interface isn't hard to figure out. I guess all that Linux fiddling about did SOME good, lol. Now I am just figuring out how to acces it remotely, then I will begin building Blackberry-friendly html pages to access mySQL with. So far, I am impressed.
  2. I got U-Server installed last night and everything seems to work except phpMyAdmin, which I will worry about at another time. Righ now I need to know the best secure way to access the server from a remote location. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am learning to use PHP, mySQL, Apache and the other things pre-bundled with Uniform Server, and am going to install it tonight. I am most excited to find a pre-configured application that has everything I need in it! I gave up trying to get all of it configured on my Fedora Core box, so decided to try Windows instead. Hopes are that this will get me off the ground and running my own web server from home. The ultimate idea is to create an html Blackberry site with php access to my database. (Cool, huh?) Crossing the fingers on that one (not sure if BB browser handles PHP yet, will look and see), but anyway, will keep you posted on how well a real noob does with Uniform Server. -------------- O.K., I tested the Blackberry and it does do PHP. Yay....this promises to be most interesting.
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