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  1. Is there any reason why my password will not change when using apanel even after shuting down and restarting the server? I eventually had to change the password in the mysql_password file to change it? This is in 5.5-Nano also
  2. vmc

    INVALID SQL: 10001

    That's a tricky little file...I would have never guessed that to be the file I needed... Question...I see two line in the file that is related to max_allowed_packet....what is the difference between the two...one was set by default at 1M while the other was at 16M. Is there anything that I may want to change in there??? I have 4G of memory on here so I'm not sure what is best to change... Thanks Chad
  3. vmc

    INVALID SQL: 10001

    I'm using uniserver for my local test server for my ecommerce software...xcart... Everything was working fine till yesterday while trying to import into the DB I get the following error: INVALID SQL: 10001 : The size of the data package being transmitted is greater than maximum allowed by the server SQL QUERY FAILURE:UPDATE xcart_sessions_data SET data= I truncated all the jibber jabber out of it... My php settings on uniserver are: Max memory amount 256M post_max_size = 32M upload_max_filesize = 32M max_allowed_packet = 32M The file that I am trying to import is only 900KB...so I am confused as to where the problem lies...everyone tells me to put this line in my.ini file "max_allowed_packet = 32M"...Well there is no my.ini file on uniserver only php.ini and I put that line with in this file hoping that this would resolve my problem... Is there another config file??? Surly this is something that has come up before....thanks
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