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  1. For this project, I have moved to XAMPP, which allows for this perl configuration quickly and easily. I am not abandoning Uniform Server, as I am still a huge fan of its capabilities, but it simply won't work for this project.
  2. Argh. This isn't the first time this issue has arisen, but I've now reached a point where I simply cannot continue to develop on Uniform Server without a viable cgi option. My core script that runs my CMS is a perl script, and I need to find a way to get it working, preferably from within a www/cgi-bin folder, although I find myself wondering if that will help, either. My main problem is in altering the file paths in my Perl script, which I can get working with no problem for the script output, but it cannot find its accompanying scripts in the same directory! I've done the following to get myself set up here: I've gone ahead and updated my US installation to the latest Coral version (I confess, I greatly miss the toolbar controls!) and have installed Active Perl appropriately. I've transferred my site to www/ and my cgi scripts to the main UniServer/cgi-bin directory. Forced the shebang change--I understand I'll have to return all edits before going live, but that's something I'm willing to do... Altered all program paths in the scripts configuration file. Tested the script, it works, but can't find anything in my scripts folder. i.e., here's the error I keep getting: "Can't locate /cra_changedatenew.pl in @INC (@INC contains: D:/UniServer/cgi-bin/coranto D:/UniServer/usr/lib .)" And YES, the file is in the @INC directory. I've tried various ways of reconfiguring this, but this is ridiculous. Certainly, I should be able to run and test cgi scripts on a US dev server and upload them with minor alterations back to my live server. What am I missing here? CGI is the core of my CMS, and I can't use US if I can't use it seamlessly. Any and all help is appreciated.
  3. I'm an idiot, I know, but I've no idea how to install the mysql DBD into the ActiveState perl I have running on US. I've tried copying files, but that ain't the answer. I've tried this: http://localhost/cgi-bin/Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2219/Makefile.PL but I just get a 500 server error. Anyone know how to do this? Been spending all day on this and no luck so far... Any and all help is appreciated!
  4. C...I'm going to have to dig around a bit...if I find a solution, I will post it back here, for future generations!
  5. Well, the issue really is how to "compile" libraries... As I understand it, it requires "shell access" to a server, but I'm not sure how to get that with US...is there a way?
  6. The application is here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/holdem-tools/ It is described as "a web based Texas Holdem odds calculator. The front end is generated using PHP and JavaScript and makes use of the scriptaculous library. The backend is powered by the poker-eval library, which is written in C." Poker-eval can be found here: http://pokersource.sourceforge.net/ I've never had to compile anything before on any type of server, so I'm at a complete loss...
  7. I've got a web app I want to work with, but I haven't "compiled" anything before. The instructions in the readme file say: Building webapp ------------------- cd webapp Build both the C library and the examples: ./configure ( cd lib && make build_tables ) make Build and run the tests: ./configure ( cd lib && make build_tables ) make check copy the webappy executable to the same directory as the php scripts Is this something I can do on US? If so, how? I can't find anything in a forum search or on Unicenter on this subject...
  8. As I said above: a visit to localhost gets me a "unable to connect" error. Some more details: When I fire up uniserver, a command prompt (dos) window opens and says, "The server is now running on W..." hmmm...and THIS time (I fire up uniserver every time I turn on my laptop, to test the situation) as I've been typing this, my Admin panel appears in my browser...I must be living wrong. Is it possible that closing the dos window manually--I think I usually do this--can cause the serever not to fully open for me? Even when I do that, the uniserver "Server is Running" message still pops up, so I never thought of it, until now. This time, I left the dos window open so I could copy the message...
  9. Nope. The Server just doesn't fire up in the browser. The W drive is started and listed in "My Computer", but it seems the server itself isn't working, if that makes any sense.
  10. I'm only trying to run one at a time. Never two. For example, once I got the stick server running, I shut down the system, and rebooted, and tried getting the local server running...and haven't been able to access either since. Don't know what Skype is, so I guess the answer is no.
  11. I'm running down a list here. Firewall is off, as I said, and I can't find out if port 80 is blocked or not. Spent an hour just trying to find that procedure on Google, to no avail...LOL I've got a linksys router, but would that be blocking localhost? On second thought, that's not the issue, either, because I tried to fire her up when I was away from home the other night, and still no server...but a W drive... Could it be trying to run two instances of US blocked port 80 to both? I have no idea how to find my port info...
  12. ARRGGHH! I'm pulling my hair out on this one! Sure, I got it to run fine off the stick, then I installed a local version onto my C drive to work with locally, and now, neither of them work! As before, the W drive is there, but the server hasn't started, apparently, as a visit to localhost gets me a "unable to connect" error. I've pored over the forums for what seems like days--well, it actually has been days, and can find no relief. I haven't installed any new software, so nothing--as far as I know-- is using port 80, and I've even turned off my firewall...nothing. Any ideas at all? Oh, yes, I also re-extracted my .zip file to attempt to reinstall US, still no help. Sure is. Started out as NewsPro? I remember for a while trying to find another CMS, but there was nothing as versatile as Coranto...
  13. I was planning to use virtual hosting, but my concern was that I kept reading mention of the main cgi-bin only, so I wanted to check my options just to be sure.
  14. Jackanape

    What OS?

    You could always create a "support form" of sorts, requesting any information needed to make an educated answer. Then, assuming people use it, you'd be all set!
  15. My CMS is a perl script, so each separate site, or URL, within my dev server needs a separate installation of it, so it can be configured for that site. Basically, if each site could have its own cgi-bin, that solves the problem. I have read and worked with the pac file tutorial from the UniCenter, but I'm not sure that covers this particular need?
  16. Well, thanks to some great help in another topic, I've got my dev server, with full Perl, up and running on my USB stick. I have several sites I'd like to develop locally with US, but they all are centered around a set of customized Perl scripts, i.e., they each need their own cgi-bin, and their own instances of the perl scripts. Is there any way to configure US to allow cgi-bins in each www subfolder?
  17. Well, I methodically and slowly went about it, following your instructions, with freshly downloaded files--although I used this version of ACtivePerl (ActivePerl- also on WinXP Home Edition--and I even rebooted between steps to make sure I didn't have a server running before my tests. Also, I cleared my firewall exceptions of any previous mentions of US's server applications. Works Now! Quite well, I might add! Thanks again for the help, and for helping a Server-on-a-stick newb yet again! I will be sharing all this with the dev team over at Coranto!
  18. LOL--you're welcome! Seeing as how it worked for you, I'm going to try it again on my end, exactly as you have listed, first on the same stick, but cleared off, and if that doesn't work, on a new stick. I wonder if I can reformat a stick? LOL
  19. Exactly...and it's the same fresh download in instance. I basically took the fresh install that worked on the hard drive, and copied it over. It's bizarre.
  20. hmmm...looks like I spoke too fast here. Since I added my Perl libraries, I can run US locally on my laptop, or my desktop, but not from the USB stick as before. I've tried several times to date, and still no luck. The W: drive shows up as it's supposed to, but I can't access localhost. This is on a fresh download and install onto the stick, after adding the ActivePerl libs. Any ideas as to what might be the problem?
  21. That makes sense. I considered picking through all the modules until my dev script worked, but I'm going to be pretty heavily involved with some perl development for awhile, so copying the entire ActivePerl lib seems the most prudent for my needs. Thanks much for the reply, and for the terrific UniCenter! You have no idea how many support issues I've solved there before having to post here!
  22. I'm using Uniform Server to handle all my development needs, right off the USB stick, and for my php and html it was worked well to date. However, I've been unable to get my Perl Dev project running. At first, I attempted to follow up on the suggestions in this topic: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=470 But, they didn't do the trick. Finally, I just tried copying over the contents of ActivePerl's "perl/lib" directory to US's "usr/lib" directory, and it seems to have done the trick. BUT, I want to be sure that this solution is the correct one, and that it won't hurt anything else in my US installation. Can anyone confirm?
  23. Yep. I'm on my way to work, but will do that tonight...will keep you posted! Thanks!
  24. I only see the one .html file when I go to When I got to Localhost: And, yep, the server's running, because "w:" is there.... I keep thinking it has something to do with reinstalling on the stick, but I can't figure out what...
  25. This whole USB stick is a brand new thing for me, so please bear with me. After getting the basics from you all here a couple of weeks ago, I finally got down to putting it all together, and thanks to the forums and the uniCenter, I was able to get it running, on both my desktop and laptop, for a couple of my dev sites. (Great information to be had here, thanks!) I was dumping an SQL dB, when I messed up my "root" user permissions, and couldn't access phpmyadmin. As I said, I'm new at this, so I just dumped the installation I had and reloaded it onto the stick. NOW, I couldn't access my apanel or localhost from my desktop--I took it to my laptop, and it worked fine--although I COULD access the .html page I had in the www/ root directory as a test, but only with 127.0.01 as the address. So, I'm stuck. It SHOULD be working here on the desktop, and IS, but I'm not able to access the server. The "w" drive is there, and as I said, I can access the ONE test .html file in the root of the www directory, but nothing else, and nothing using localhost. I thought it might be a firewall issue, so I shut off my firewall completely, to no avail (I'm using CA's EZFireWall on Windows XP on my Desktop, and WinXP with Win Firewall on my laptop, by the way.) I'm out of my depth here, and hoping someone has some ideas. I confess to only searching a few topics on this issue, as my mind seems numb at this point; I only found issues unrelated to this one.
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