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  1. Okie dokie, But it's not consistent with this quote from the \udrive\docs\READ ME.txt:
  2. In previous versions you would be redirected to the apanel when starting up the server. Don't know it it's intentional, but this doesn't happen in 3.4. In \udrive\home\admin\www\redirect.html i had to add apanel to the redirection:
  3. Initially the error came up when trying to install PHP-Fusion CMS. Then tried to drop all of the PHP-Fusion tables via phpMyadmin, but got the same error message in phpMyadmin. Changed N to Y to get rid of the error message both when running the PHP-Fusion installation and when trying to drop tables in phpMyadmin in general.
  4. In the database mysql, user table, i had to to change the field Drop_priv for user root from N to Y in order to get rid of error message: Seems that N is a wrong default setting for this field?
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