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  1. I am new to everything:) I recently installed uniserver 3.3 and wordpress 2.2. I got everything working. I zipped my entire directory and moved it to another drive (I also moved it to a different computer). I unzipped it and the servers started up fine. I went to phpMyAdmin, verified that my wordpress database was there with its default tables. But when I go to database->wordpress->browse->edit, I get this message: #1 - Can't create/write to file '\tmp\#sql_11ac_0.MYI' (Errcode: 2) This message also appears on my wordpress default front page where the data from the tables is supposed to show. I am thinking that MySQL thinks my database is in a 'tmp' folder. Interestingly is if I do a fresh install, everything works (I'm a newbie so I haven't made a table of my own...nothing to lose but I wanted to learn uniserver). Is it possible the zipping is corrupting where MySQL looks? Or the moving of the folder? I did something...resetting mysql, shutting down/restarting server, etc and suddenly the wordpress was displaying properly but my mysql tables still have strange error message. I wanted to learn mysql to make a database instead of access but this is kinda scarying me...I don't know if its a mysql, phpmyadmin or wordpress issue.
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