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  1. IIS ?? How to check? In the control panel? Will ask. EDIT: Have just tried v3.5 but doesn't work. Still load and load and load...
  2. No, I haven't Skype. Don't know? Anyway to see it? I have tried that lot of times. Doesn't work.
  3. Jep. Everything. I can also edit the file. (In www I mean) I can add folders and more, but I can't see them in my browsers. (FF, IE7, Opera)
  4. The first time I start UniformServer it loads index.php. (I can only load it once) If I add some text it can't load. The second time (after I have shut it down) I open UniformServer it doesn't load index.php. I'm not 100% sure it doesn't load second time, but often it doesn't.
  5. Hey, and sorry for my (very) late reply. I may not uninstall Norton, but I have tried to deactivate every thing in Norton, but still: Can't load. I think the problem is the router, cous I also have problems with LimeWire. (Link to Gnutellaforum) So, what can I do? - Josso
  6. OK. Deactivated Norton in 15 minutes and it didn't help. Still long loading.
  7. I disconnected the internet and right click on tray icon, but I can't choose Disable, only: Open Norton Production Center and Edit messageoptions (its on Danish, so its maybe not correct translated). And I (think I) can't uninstall it because its my dads pc and he won't let me uninstall something there was in the computer, when we buy it. (and here there was a lot of spelling and gramma errors. )
  8. A. No. B. I don't think so. C. I have done. No one. D. IIS?? Whats that? But I don't think so. E. Windows Firewall is off and I only have Norton Protection Center, and there is no firewall. (Or I can't find it) And I use Windows Vista Home Premium.
  9. Hey! I has (as other people) problem with loading my sites in localhost. I have deleted all the files and folders (not .htaccess ) in W:\www\ . Then I created a new index.php with the simple code: <?php echo "TEST"; ?> I also created a new folder: test I started UniformServer with double clicking the " Server_Start.bat ". It opened my browser, FF2, with this site: file:///W:/home/admin/www/redirect.html The first time it load my site ok, but if I press F5 it take long time to load (if it at all load the page). Also my folder /test/ will not load. I have tried to switch my Windows Firewall off and close as many programs I can. I have also tried to switch the letter with something else (Z), but it doesn't help. And now I can't load the index.php in localhost. So I don't know what to do, now. Hope you can help.
  10. localhost took few sec. but localhost/apanel took more than 10 min. (The menu came qiuckly but the background and the header image doesnt come.
  11. I don't use Skype. But when I open localhost it load and load, and when i open it load the content, but not the menu. If I open a folder (localhost/test/ f.ex.) it take 1000 years to load (min. 10 min.). For a month ago Uniform Server worked fine and the only programs i have installed since is: SimPE (For The Sims 2) Nvidia Driver RPG XP and an old game (Sonic Heroes) I don't think that some of these programs block. I have tried to use UnifromServer 3.3 (and UPX) and 3.2a, but no one are faster than the others. --- And sorry for my bad english.
  12. WOW!! Not any more?? Then i don't try to get UniformServer 3.3 or 3.2 up. (I have some problem with loading sites (on Vista Home Premium))
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