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  1. that is correct. i shutdown 3.2a, rebooted, and verified that nothing else is running on port 80. (no skype or iis on this machine). i stepped through the batch file, and everything appears fine (creates virtual drive w:, etc) until it attempts to start uniserv.exe. at that point, the virtual drive W: goes away; it looks like uniserv.exe must be running close.bat to remove the virtual drive.
  2. i've been using uniform server 3.2a for some time, but would like to switch to 3.3 to use later version of mysql. i am running windows xp pro sp2. i downloaded version 3.3, stopped 3.2a, rebooted to be certain, and verified that nothing is listening on port 80. when i attempt to start the server (Server_start.bat) using all defaults, the server does not start. i have tried it using the out-of-the box 3.3, as well as after applying the patches from the UniCenter site. after running server_start, apache is not running (nothing is listening on port 80), and the drive W: subst does not survive, so i gather uniserv.exe is running close.bat. any suggestions for how to troubleshoot? thanks jim
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