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  1. If you plan on using one system as a dedicated server it is usually best to set up Uniform Server as a service, this way should something to your box then UniServer will start up automatically.
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  4. Glad you solved it yourself, but this is some information to anyone else who stumbles across this thread. PHP files are not executable, meaning you can't double click them and have them run like your favourite game or any other application. They are special files that have to be interpreted which is what your webserver (such as Uniform Server) will do (provided PHP is installed on the server). So all you have to do is drop the PHP file into W:/www and then browse to it using your browser: http://localhost/myfile.php
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  8. http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/3....2:_Introduction Was on the front page of the UniCenter.
  9. Thank you very much ric, great help.
  10. I have been reading the Mini Server Wiki Articles (Just finished 3, about to start 4) when I decided to try and enable folder listing in one of my folders. I did it by adding <Directory "/www/list"> Options Indexes </Directory> to the .htaccess, unfortunately this did not work. It gave a 404 error saying it couldn't find localhost:80/list (the folder is full of random files so I can see a list). My apache config is basically exactly the same as at the end of the Server 3 article, any help would be appreciated.
  11. The commands in the readme assume that you are running linux, they are linux build commands used to compile applications from source. If you want to run that application you either have to get a box with linux installed or see if it is possible to compile the program under windows.
  12. You don't need to release 4.0 to make me love this project and its developers, I already do!
  13. Since you guys are working on Uniform Server 4.0 maybe you can use this opprotunity to clean up the code and organize everything to make US as easy and painless to use. When I was reading the blog I clicked on a link to one of the forks. (Mov'AMP) One thing I liked about thier way of doing things, was everything was really clean and simple to use. With US 4.0 coming out maybe you can rearrange where everything is so it is nice and need in a clean hierarchy style. One thing you may also be able to use as a template for future versions is thier server start, they have one exe that starts everything and puts a little icon in the taskbar. The icon can be right clicked on to bring up a little menu to restart the server, stop it, and get information about the server. You could also take some ideas from the competition, such as XAMPP (boo, hiss ) and create a controller like they have, where you can easily get information about what plugins are running and the status of the server. Well, that is the end of my suggestions, hope you like them. Good luck with US 4.0!
  14. After a little research I have found out that EasyPHP is a package that includes PHP, MySQL and Apache. In a sense a WAMP server package. This forum is specific to Uniform Server, but I will try to help you. Some clarification please, what OS are you running? I will assume Windows XP When you say that Apache failed to uninstall do you mean that in the Uninstall a Program (windows) you can still see Apache installed? Or do you mean that Apache is still installed somewhere but you are unsure where, but you know it is installed because Apache starts when you log in. When you start your computer is there an error message saying that windows cannot find the Apache exe? Or does Apache start with no error messages and you are able to connect to the server?
  15. metaltailz

    What OS?

    I have three computers, one running Windows XP Home, one running Windows Media Center, and another running Windows Vista Ultimate. I also have a liveCD for Ubuntu around here somewhere...
  16. Restart your browser, download a fresh version of US and start it. You should be redirected to the Admin Panel from there click on phpMyAdmin. That should work, if it doesn't please tell us the error you get. If it does work and you want to change the root MySQL password go to http://localhost/apanel and click on MySQL Setup. Type your new password in there and then stop the server using stop.bat close your browser (or tabs) then start it with server_start.bat You have to close your browser and/or tabs to clear the cookie set by phpMyAdmin.
  17. metaltailz

    What's Free!

    About the question "What do you get for your money?" that is an odd question. In the past I have used Linux on one of my computers because it was too underpowered to run Windows 95. After using Linux for a couple of months I noticed a couple of things. It never crashed, and if I did something to screw it up, it took only half an hour to install.(less than 5 minutes of data input) But with Windows of any version I am constantly trying to make something work, once that something works something else doesn't. Once I get everythign working the system crashes. Just because I paid $100 or so for an OS does not mean it is better than a free OS. Money should almost never be used in a debate over what product to buy.
  18. It's also a good idea to close your browser (or open a new instance not a tab) that way the browser will clear its cookies. I have run into this problem. An easy way to ensure this doesn't happen is to stop the server, close your browser, then start the server, click on MySQL Configuration and change the password. Stop the server using stop.bat, start it again then you can go to phpMyAdmin with full access.
  19. I think to make the Uniform Server package as flexible as possible you should have one package that has only the WAMP items (Apache, MySQL, and PHP all up to date of course) and nothing else. Then have easy to use plugins to add more functionality. So if you want to have PHP 4 instead of 5 you just download the PHP 4 Plugin package and extract it to the root of your server set up. You guys are already thinking, or trying to make that package download manager, so if you could get that operational for the 4.0 release everything would be awesome.
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  21. Is this when you first start the server? In your address bar does it say http://localhost if you want to see the administration page you have to browse to http://localhost/apanel
  22. Ya with 3.4 by default you can't drop tables, that was just a mistake that no one fixed before this release. You can find a quick fix here http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...entry5154 Version 3.4 works perfectly, it's just a little temperamental; for me I was quite ticked off at the server not working properly and I couldn't find any fixes here so I just went looking for them myself. Once I found out how to properly change the MySQL password and add drop privilege everything worked fine. What I did is download a new copy of US secure it and add drop to root then I re-zipped it so all I needed to do was unzip a copy of it if something went wrong with the copy I was using. Then I wouldn't have a need to re-secure it if something went wrong.
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  24. The easiest way to protect your MySQL is to change the root password, here is a step-by-step way to ensure the password is changed with no problems. This is using a newly downloaded copy of Uniform Server. 1. Start server 2. Start MySQL 3. Browse to phpMyAdmin 4. Click on privleges 5. Edit the user root 6. Find where it asks to change the password 7. Click radio box use password, type in your new password 8. Go to the server Admin Panel 9. Click on MySQL Server Configuration 10. Type in the same password you typed in step 7 11. Stop the server using Stop.bat 12. Close your browser You have to close your browser because phpMyAdmin stores a cookie of your session when you last logged in. Closing your browser removes this cookie allowing you to log in without the #1045 error(I think that is the number). For the Virtual Host problem PabloVeliz had good instructions on fixing that.
  25. I currently have a copy of Uniform Server on my jump drive, all you have to do is download US extract it and copy it to your drive. Just run UniController.exe or start_server.bat and your good to go. The only thing I have noticed is that the server runs a bit slower than if it was on your computer hard drive. But that is to be expected, and it isn't much slower.
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