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  1. I thank you all for the effort you have made to understand the problem I have and help me out. I have managed to solve the problem. MySQL has a function called password ( PASSWORD('{$HTTP_POST_VARS['txtPassword']}') ) to decrypt the text given and store it in the MySQL database. So even if somebody has access to the database and tries to see the user passwords saved in the table, he/she cant (simple security ah?). Thank you all again
  2. Thank u Megan. But thats not what I want. Ofcourse if u do that in a text box, what u type on the password field will be invisible. What I want is: to make invisible (I mean replace it with a dot or astrix just like its on the text box whose type is set as password) or hide the text in the field I assumed is a password field in MySql table. (When looking at it by opening the table.) I have seen a "Password" function when I use the PhpMyAdmin insert to table option. But I dont know how to use it in conjunction with Sql statement embeded in PHP statements. Cheers, SL
  3. Hi All, I just wanted to know how to not show the text entered in a field I considered is a password field by using phpMyAdmin. I am using php to insert the fields from a page to the MySql database. Thank u for ur response in advance. SL
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