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    >>I would like to ask anyone who has installed Graphviz on Uniserver if they would be kind enough to post >> some step by step instructions along with a sample script that I could use to test it? Not quite the answer to the question BUT.... I managed to get Graphviz running under MediaWiki on Uniform Server by following the instructions from the link below - should be possible to adapt this for other non-Wiki uses, the graphviz.php from the instructions is fairly easy to understand. http://www.wickle.com/wiki/index.php/Windo...on_Instructions I only had to change one thing: For some reason, Uniform Server didn't like the space character in the pathname "Program Files" (maybe I did something wrong...). I just copied the graphviz directory (including the "bin" subdirectory) to c:\Graphviz and adjusted the path names in the instructions accordingly, and it worked fine. Graphviz + Mediawiki is a very powerful combo, and it's really nice to be able to run it locally under Windows with Uniform Server.
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