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  1. Hi guys, I recently downloaded Uniform Server 3.3 and i'm still exploring all the great features. When I first downloaded US3.3 and tried to shutdown from the /apanel/Shutdown Server link it worked fine. Now I get the error I read about on the boards: ยป Security Alert! Possible Attack HTTP_REFERER is not localhost. but ''. To disable this warning go: /home/admin/www/cgi-bin/secure.pm I've tested it by going to Server_Start and I get an error saying I'm already running Apache and to use Stop.bat. Stop.bat works fine but I'm wondering how to fix the link error on apanel. I read the previous HTTP REFERER posts and found nothing similar, I've added my internal IP to Norton trusted sites, I'm also running AVG free edition and couldn't find something similar for that program. I've added http://localhost and the IP numbers spelled out in my IE6 trusted sites. Any other tips? Thanks!
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