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  1. Hi Guys, It's been a long time for me that I was here. Now I want to make a miniserve with ImpressCMS pre-installed. I have did this once in the past I think it was in 2008/9. But ImpressCMS has changed a lot but also US has made big steps forward. So is it posible to just copy pased the new files overwriting the older ones? I guess not. But is there someone that can take me on this journey making a miniserver with ImpressCMS and the latest US version. By the way I'm not a coder just a user that wants to give someting back to the ImpressCMS community.
  2. Can someone help me with the following? I am making a test pack with miniserver and ImpressCMS. It is based at the same server version that is used for Xoops miniserver (21). When you hit server_start a CMD screen appears. It is saying that apache en mysql are starting, etc. After the server has started the CMD screen remains up. It says push a button to proceed. When doing that the screen disappaers. I want that when I push a button the screen does not disappear but that the server is sutting down. So the user does not have to use server_stop. He can start and stop the server with just following the messages in the CMD screen after he used server_start. I hope I made clear what I want. Your help is very welcome!!
  3. Hi, I could not find a better place to start then here..... I am working on a little personal learning set which will be also to give people the possibility to getting know of the new CMS ImpressCMS. I am not making a fork of UniformServer. I am just wanting to use it as is. It is a great server which can be used on a penndrive so why should I make a fork of something I already like very much. It is a package with Uniform Server 3.5 "Apollo", portable FireFox and ImpressCMS 1.0 "Janus". Everything left just as-is just put togetter in a nice startscreen. The startscreen is looking like this: I hope that you guys are agreed with it and see it as a promotional thing for U S too. Greetings web-M
  4. Is your prayer been heard? I hope so I'm looking forward for unitray
  5. Someone mentioned it before. But I want to mention it an other time. I'm builduing website with the beautifull cms XOOPS and sometime struggle with XOOPS modules. The problem I often face is the incompaddebility with PHP versions and mySQL version. So my requests are a switch with makes it easy to switch between PHP 4 and PHP 5 end another switch that makes it possible to easily switch between mwSQL versions. Some other standalone servers have it (XSAS and wamp) but I prefer working with UniformServer Problem in the Netherlands is that there are lots of superp hostign companies that don't upgrade to apache 2, PHP 5 and mySQL 5. So the switches can make it easy to check if systems are working with both te versions.
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