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  1. Recently, I was asked by my company to setup OpenBravoERP. But bad thing is, it requires Apache TOMCAT and Apache ANT. Which I can't find them in Uniform Server. I tried to download their binary files and put them into uniform server. But I just can't seem to get it running even when I double click the run.bat files. Is there anyway I can fix this problem ? Coz the Openbravo ERP installation is quite complex and I really need assistance in installing them. The documentation given by OpenBravoERP is very brief and it just teaches you to do environmental variable settings in Windows OS and also the setup of the software. I tried installing them together with the Oracle database (running at port 8080). And the Apache TOMCAT I pointed it to port 80. Again I tried installing the Windows version Apache TOMCAT. This one works well, but the Apache ANT, it only comes in binary files which doesn't include installers. It makes it hard for me to get it running. The OpenBravo ERP is always starting up and pointing to address http://localhost/openbravo By default the installation of OpenBravo ERP is @ c:\OpenBravoERP. I even tried installing it directly into the uniformserver www folder. Still the address is pointing there. As far as I know the default address of Uniformserver ends with apanel which looks like this :- The actual installation is installed in folder name http://localhost/apanel/openbravoerp The OpenBravo ERP webby is @ http://www.openbravo.com Requirements : Oracle XE database, Apache TOMCAT, Apache ANT Please refer to the WIKI under quick-installation guide. I only requires better guide for me to install the OpenBravo ERP. The installation guide provided is not sufficient to help me complete my task. I'm not so sure what the Apache Ant and TOMCAT does, i'm really in desperate situation to get it up running. I totally have no knowledge in setting up such server, all I can do is giving appropriate information and ask you guys to assist me.
  2. Does that mean I need to change the server address instead of localhost to http://localhost or my server IP address ? How do I change the settings to make it work ? Need some guide here. Thanks.
  3. Ok, I have managed to get it running on to the web server and it's propagating to the internet. But now My Invision Power board looks so funny without so many of the pictures and even the normal icons you are having in this forum. Btw I'm using IPB v2.3.1. I'm not sure if this board version is compatible with uniformserver. But then loading it in the server itself is OK. But when I'm use other PC to view the server's IPB board, that's where the problem kicks in. Missing images and icons. Totally no graphics at all. Am I doing something wrong ? I really need help in this matter as I'm helping my company to setup this for their technical support. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the instructions here, I tried so hard to get it running within my network domain but no avail. Manage to search the forum post which leads to this post thanks to olajideolaolorun. How do I get the uniformserver to work if I have another Apache server running on the same IP address (this apache server I got no way to combine it with this due to the silly software programmer who design my company's software made the settings screwed up) ? My company is using a fix IP address. I'm trying to setup a message board for internal use and also for my colleagues that's roaming outside of office. Need some advice on how to get this running and able to reflect another web server to the internet. Thanks.
  5. I have installed the plugins it seems to work. But when i try to upload files using FileZilla it does seems to work but the file is not completely uploaded and the log files shows it uploaded succesfully which shouldnt happen. And causes my uploads to retry many times. Can someone give me a guide of what is happening here and how to solve? Thanks.
  6. dennooze

    .php file parsing

    Yea it does and now i try to use the eay to use ftp plugins it seems it gives me error. Ill post this at another section.
  7. dennooze

    .php file parsing

    Okay i found the professional notepad editor from the sourceforge itself. Thanks for the help anyway.
  8. dennooze

    .php file parsing

    Thanks for the solution. I will go try it out and see if it works. I cant find this file in google. I found one with the website but cant get into the site at all. Can you post it up so that i can download it ?
  9. dennooze

    .php file parsing

    So is there anything i can do to solve this problem? Can remove and reinstall solve this problem ? Coz i can do forum edits and its hard for me especially everything in one paragraph. I cant differentiate which line is which line.
  10. dennooze

    .php file parsing

    Hmm, but i have done with the web hosting ones and i downloaded using notpad to open there's no problem. But this is exceptioonal i have problems even when using notepad open it but its not parsed in proper manner. Any idea what's happening?
  11. dennooze

    .php file parsing

    I come across this problem after i installed a forum script. Usually when you upload those script files or upload them onto a server. The .php files should be rearranged in proper manner instead of compacted lines. But for my case when i put in the files into the WWW folder, what happen is that when i try to edit any .php files, it doesnt appear nicely as its break up commands. Instead it appear like all in one compacted line or paragraphs. Can anyone tell me why is this happening. Is there any configurations i need to do in order to make the .php files more easily readable??
  12. Dont use the .zip extraction ones. You should use the exe ones which auto extract all the files you need into the specific directory. And i think you must have messed up the installation process. Try remove the uniform server completely and reinstall it again and it should work fine.
  13. I know they are releasing it for windows version. What i'm trying to ask is that is it possible for me to integrate the cPanel used in web hosting into the uniform server ? That's what i mean
  14. Hi all , i need help. Is it possible for me to install cPanel on uniform server ? Coz my friends and I bought a cPanel package and we plan to test it out. Does it work just by uploading teh cPanel into the WWW folder and get going right ?
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