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  1. The Uniform Server uses Stunnel SSL. There is a plugin for that on our SourceForge.Net Download System.


    If you are free, you can post your own experiment into the wiki.


    Post it here:




    Oh, I didn't know about that plugin. It's only listed on sourceforge. Hmm. So, basically, I'm using the native Apache version, and this plugin is a wrapper? Is there any advantage to using my approach over yours?



  2. I figured it out. Here is how to enable ssl support in Uniform Server. There is a zip on this page ( http://smithii.com/?q=node/view/30 ) that you can merge with your uniform server. Just make sure you:


    - do NOT overwrite your httpd.conf with the new one

    - enable mod_ssl in your httpd.conf

    - alter ssl.conf to read DocumentRoot "/www"


    If you want to create new keys, use these instructions: http://slacksite.com/apache/certificate.html


    You might need to mess around with it a bit, it seems to look for c:\www\apache2...blah blah... openssl.cnf, and I can't figure out how to make it look in the right place.


    If you just want to use some generic keys I made, I've attached them here. Note: if you're going to use your own key, you MUST generate one without a pass key and use that for server.key. apache.exe does not support passkey'd key files under win32.


    Have fun!


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