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  1. How do you use this with Uniform Server now?
  2. Any update on this as a plugin? The tracker thing I posted really screws with IPB and causes SQL errors for whatever reason.
  3. Just use FileZilla Server. It's not a part of Uniform Server or a plug-in but it will run at startup and is easy to configure. http://filezilla.sourceforge.net
  4. This is nice and prevents any lame PHP mail errors. With a SMTP info it will actually send out an e-mail. I also set it to Send/Recieve every minute. Thanks!
  5. I run a SPI hardware firewall and Windows firewall. Gotta keep the hackers out!
  6. No, that was a theme...possibly WindowBlinds. This is Vista...and you can see the difference.
  7. Looking forward to 3.4, Ola...props for all the great work!
  8. Why was he running the VBS file? Why wasn't he running the BAT file?
  9. Works fine for me. Since US is mobile have you tried it on another computer?
  10. Why would you run Windows 98? You can get Windows 2000 and it will work on any system that works with Windows 98. You just need pointed in the right direction... http://isohunt.com
  11. Not a plugin but this is very effective for stat tracking... http://www.tracewatch.com All you have to do is toss some code in the beginning of every PHP file you want tracked and it will do all the work and keep track of the stats in a SQL database.
  12. I'm running UniServer on my secondary rig, a 2.8C P4 with 2GB DDR333 and 2x 80GB HDDs. I want UniServer to completely start up with MySQL and everything. I made a shortcut to the Server_Start.bat file and tossed it into the Windows Start folder so it does run the moment the system boots up. That just supports PHP/HTML though. However, I want to make it so that MySQL also runs automagically. Can I create a bat file that will run a web browser and go to the URL (http://localhost/apanel/cgi-bin/en/rmysql.cgi) and then close the web browser? Is there anything more simple? Any ideas anyone? Will this link help me at all? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/164674 Edit- Nevermind, I did a search and found the answer here in the forums: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=275 Feel free to close or delete this thread. Thanks!
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