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    Unable to activate cURL

    I appreciate your help, but I'm still struggling much. I downloaded more than 10 curl files and could not get one to work. I must have to install the module and I can't find any information on how to do it or where to get the right file. I'm using Uniform Server 3.3 with Apache 2.0.55 and PHP 5.1.1 Can you give me the URL to the proper file? Will it have instructions on installing the module? Again, I really appreciate your spending time to help me. Thanks, Greg
  2. grc

    Unable to activate cURL

    Thanks for the quick reply. I went in and did what you asked and when I started the server it brought up a warning stating it couldn't find the specified module. Evidently I don't have the curl module installed. I assumed it came with the installation. Where can I get the module and does it have an installation readme file? Thanks,
  3. grc

    Unable to activate cURL

    Hello, First, let me thank you for a fine product. I have had good success using the server. I have a program which needs to have the cURL extension installed and active on the server. I seen the older past below and followed the advise of putting ssleay32.dll & libeay32.dll into the php folder and I also put them into the extensions folder but I'm still not working. I'm running server 3.3 with php Any help is appreciated. Thanx
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