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  1. Thank you, Couch Potatoe. I've read several threads here on virtual hosts and a couple of articles elsewhere, but I still don't quite understand how to do what I want to do, which is to get documents in D:\aa_web_projects to run on Uniform Server when I open them in HomeSite's preview browser. Would you be so kind as to show me what you added to your httpd.conf?
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, it works out of the box. If not, I wouldn't bother trying to get it working with HomeSite. The only adjustment I tried making to Uniform Server was the Document Root, which as I said, didn't help, so I restored the original Document Root. Moving everything into /www would be a very last resort. I'm hoping someone can suggest what location to map TO in HomeSite. Perhaps another way to look at it would be, "How would an appication outside of Uniform Server find the server in order to run a document on it?" If you think the answer might be in these forums somewhere, what search terms would you suggest to find them? I tried mapping and HomeSite.
  3. Thank you for Uniform Server. I have many hundreds of .htm and .php documents in D:\aa_web_projects. If I place one of those documents into C:\Program Files\UniformServer\Uniform Server\diskw\www, it opens perfectly, but moving all of my web_projects documents there isn't feasible. I've had other WAMP installations that I didn't like nearly as much as Uniform Server 3.3, and my solution to the documents location problem was solved by HomeSite 5.5, in which I can enable server mapping. Usually, I would map from D:\aa_web_projects to http://localhost/, and when I would preview a PHP page I was working on, HomeSite would run it through my server to display it, so the PHP would work. When I try this in Uniform Server, I get: "The webpage cannot be found." The same thing happens when I try to map to W:/www. It doesn't matter whether I try to view an HTML page or a PHP page. I also tried editing httpd.conf so that Document Root is D:\aa_web_projects, but that didn't help. I'm using Windows XP SP2, with the Windows Firewall blocking Apache and MySQL from accepting connections from the Internet. I would be most grateful for any suggestions on how to get this mapping to work. Given the many developers still using HomeSite, I'll bet it will help a lot of others as well.
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