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  1. Have you checked Apache error log? Can be viewed in apanel? Lets see if the errors are actually there...
  2. I know you have print errors on but double check phpinfo() and find "display_errors". Are you sure that's ON? Also, check for "short_open_tag" or something similar, make sure that's ON too..
  3. Hi, Which version do you need? Edit: I have uploaded the latest version to my server. You can download it from here: http://www.atomicwebhosting.com/dl/UniServer5_6_11.exe. The file size is 9mb.
  4. In order to use US while PC is logged off you can install US as a Service. This means it is on 24/7 for as long as the PC is on. Starting/Stopping server is not required when installed as a service.
  5. Hi there, You only need to connect to localhost without any port. MySQL runs on port 3306 by default. Please try: $dbhost = "localhost"; If you are still having a problem.. find this code: mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass); and ensure it looks like this: mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die (mysql_error()); This will show a better error - you may show us this so we can further determine what is happening.
  6. Hi check out the main page here - http://www.uniformserver.com/ - and you can read what it is about. In a nut shell, it is an out of the box web server package for windows. You can run your own web sites from your own internet connection at home.
  7. Uniform Server 5.5a runs with PHP version 5.2.12. You shouldn't need to downgrade to 5.2.9. Also - there is a configuration problem with PHP causing the phpMyAdmin to not work.. Do you have MSN or Yahoo? I could find the problem for you if you would like me to? you may PM me.. Kalpz
  8. Yes that is correct. Try it out first to ensure your phpMyAdmin works. Then make your changes one at a time testing phpMyAdmin in between... Good luck
  9. The easiest and quickest way to resolve this problem is to actually upgrade your server. You may as well skip the fix step Download Uniform Server 5.5a Nano. Put it in say, C:\55a\ (example) Your existing will be C:\40\ (example) Copy all files in C:\40\udrive\www\ Paste into C:\55a\www\ Copy all files in C:\40\udrive\usr\local\mysql\data\ Paste into C:\55a\usr\local\mysql\data\ Stop 4.0 server Start 5.5a and you should be OK. Kalpz
  10. Hello, You mentioned you copied those files into PHP's extension directory. From where did these files come from? If they were from a PHP source download from www.php.net, did you download the same PHP version you have? Kalpz
  11. Hello, Please try this.. Browse to: /usr/local/php/extensions or /ext In there you should find, php_mysql.dll and php_mysqli.dll. If so proceed.. Open: /usr/local/php/php.ini Find: extension=php_mysql.dll Find: extension=php_mysqli.dll Remove both semi-colons ( ; ) at the beginning of each line. Reply if you have further problems. Kalpz
  12. Hi, Have you tried rebooting your computer? Sometimes this is a quick fix for files in use, so try that first. Kalpz
  13. Hey, I've been talking to a couple of people at various data centers who have been talking about the Apache web server alternative nginx. Seems like a very good HTTP server. I wonder if Uniform Server could integrate this? I have not looked into this deeply myself yet, will probably require a bit research. Have you heard about this one? Kalpz
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