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  1. Go to http://localhost/a/ (Must have the / after the a, as I found out the hard way) - provided you're on the same computer you're running the server on it should come up with a purpley menu screen. Click phpMyAdmin in the bottom left (?) and a PHP-coded MySQL manager should come up. I can't get at my copy since my webserver's gone bang, but.. there should be a 'Permissions' or 'Priveleges' tab. Click that, and you'll get menu options to add/delete accounts/passwords for MySQL.
  2. ...Yes, I did. I always do, automatic. The phpMyAdmin I downloaded had a password. It was odd. Ah well, anyway. *points at topic title* It's gone back again. NOTHING loads this time, not just images, but all my PHP work and stuff. My root index page loads, but it's only HTML and it's just a small table that links nowhere, to prevent people going through my server PHP, images, neither of those load at all. 7.11 GB in my W:\ drive, of the 175 GB used up of my D:\ hard drive. Why won't anything loooooad?? Tried: Reinstalling Uniform 3.2a Installing Uniform 3.2 Removing 10 GB from the drive (Used to be about 18 GB)
  3. Erm... I got the same error. With phpMyAdmin 2.6.0-beta2: MySQL said: Documentation #1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) With phpMyAdmin 2.6.3-pl1: MySQL said: Documentation #1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) With phpMyAdmin 2.6.3-rc1: MySQL said: Documentation #1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) It was working perfectly before I upgraded Uniform...
  4. Gah! The /data/ folder was unaffected! Heres to copying over! Now if I can just sort out this stupid #1045 error that's blocking me from PHPMyAdmin >.>
  5. Well, I can't cut-paste anything on my computer, so I had to write over the existing server I'm an idiot I know.
  6. Well... It fixed my problem, mostly. Only takes about 30 seconds to load an image, which is decent by my standards. Now if you only built something in here that... undoes SQL wipes.. Please? Pretty please? *whines a lot*
  7. I think I've just lost about 100 MB of SQL data. Thought I'd just whine a bit.
  8. Ah-hah, sorry to bring up old issues, I know how annoying that can be. I've not changed anything on my computer at all, it just happened =\ I should probably install a newer version of Uniform Server though, at least I doubt I have the newest one.. *has 3.1.1*
  9. An odd problem, and one that I've not experienced so far in my 6 months of running the server, but suddenly none of my images on my server will load at all, not even on the HTML/PHP pages, or when directly accessed. Anybody have any idea what's wrong? It just says "Loading..." in the tab title (FireFox) and doesn't load anything. Sometimes on rare occassions it'll load the top 1/4 of the image, but won't ever go any further.. Help!
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