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  1. Got it working. I was assuming that Apache would create the Logs directory, but it requires it to pre-exist. I added a MD to the startup.bat and it comes up okay now (except that sometimes redirect.html loads before Apache is fully up, but a little wait should solve that). Now I'll figure out MySQL... To summarize what I did for anyone else who wants to know, I changed all references to /log in httpd.conf to be on another drive letter, and in startup.bat I added a subst for that other drive letter to my Windows temp directory, and then did an "MD logs" in there so Apache can write log files. Apache, UniServer and other components are great! No messy installs!
  2. Were you able to write up this info somewhere? If so, could you point me to the info? - I did a search for "CDROM" in this forum and only found this one thread, and it doesn't have the answer in it. I was able to run UniServer (3.2a) okay from hard disk, but I'm having problems getting it to run from a CD-ROM (mostly due to my unfamiliarity with all the config settings). I changed the Apache log files in httpd.conf to go to Windows temp directory (I think). Now when I run the start.bat I no longer get "Access Denied", but I don't see any other messages or logs, so I don't know where to look for the errors. Obviously I will also need to do something about database updates, but I'm not that far yet, just trying to get Apache itself running via UniServer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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