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  1. even cabra's method of optimising the redirect.html didnot work for me yaar, I doubt the server is not getting started after the problem, have to see more deeper, posting here to update you of the situation, Thank You
  2. did all things, now the scenario is too sensitive, it si getting corrupted and I get 404 error when the redirect.html file is triggerred after I click on start.bat or start.vbs read some solution by other friend in other thread ( "redirect.html improvement" by cabra) know (i.e. he said that he added few lines of code to stop this errors), may be I need to try this?????? let us see if that helps me, will update after experimentation, Thank You other than that problem I am very happy with this, :angry: want to experiment more and add some plugins soon, this repeated problem is forcedly making me repeate many things which si consuming time that I want to dedicate for improvements, wish the positive, Thank You
  3. Hello All this is the most repeated problem to me when using uniform server, from it's past versions, I still use this due to the passion I have on this and due to it's no registry dust concept which I too like. ----------- ingeneral, it occurs in differnet scenarios like, 1)when I click on start.bat of another copy of uniform server (unknowingly) while one copy of uniform server is running, 2) when I click on start.bat or start.vbs of the uniform server when the same copy is running, when this situation occur, I get 404 for redirect.html file which will be triggered (when start.bat file is clicked upon) and server donot get started, -------------------- finally, the workaround which I am trying is, to RESTORe the system to a previous working point, and reneable all settings, in uniform server, install all software which I am working before from scratch, then, install/configure other software which is implemented/modified after uniform server is initiated for first time, as after restoration took place, all those settings will be missed know, ----------------------------- this situation became too regular these days, after I had started upon uniform server beta 3.3, how much I like to work with it, this frequent errors are taking too much time, hear your thoughts on this, Thank You for your time, Cheers
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  5. I had posted after really getting vexed (when it stopped working how many times I try in my system, I had posted here in the forums, after that situation, like Shooting a SOS signal, now back on my toes, tried the uniformserver on another computer, it worked, may be apache is not starting well in my system, the one we are doing above is for MAMBO based setup (for offline mambo website testing), while, we are making another cool design specially for UNIFORMSERVER admin panel:) I will show you soon olajide:) Thanks for your prompt response , With Aspiring Thoughts Raghu
  6. the SITE si DOWN message comes, when you forget starting MYSQL server also, happy to hear that things are sorted out well:) Cheers
  7. 1) A better and all - in - one interface for STARTING the UNiform Server (thinking to make a interface instead of using BATCH Files). 2) Will be happy to design a complete new design for admin panel (either Browser based or these all options too coded in the other interface that I am speaking about previously) will add more features in the list sooner:) sorting out keeping in mind size of the total packing...... Thanks for a nice product:)
  8. Hello recently I tried to preinstall a php script in the UNIFORMSERVER and made a new ADMIN PANEL design for the whole setup. Things were working fine until then, suddenly two days before, when I am finally ensuring my changes, donot know what happened, I am unable to use the MODIFIED version (i.e. when I click on START.BAT file, ADMIN PANEL (neither the new design that we made nor the design that is available in UNIFORM SERVER opens) tried to make a copy from the original UNIFORMSERVER's ZIP file and see if things work there (to figure out my customised version's problem), - no use. everywhere I get the same error. NOTE: like to inform you (hoping if it is useful), I had uninstall the XAMPP SERVER from the system just before finalising my customisation (feeling the success in the customised UNIFORMSERVER copy). donot understand where things went wrong, may be APACHE server is not starting or some other problem??????? ------------ like to have some thoughts in resolving this issue. we felt to make a more effective design to our UNIFORMSERVER original version (to submit it later to it's authors), but this probs that occured made us to postpone that and first sort out the previous issue (so we can make this later in a more better way). Thanks in advance With Aspiring Thoughts Raghu
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