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    DBI module

    Okay thanks, I am sure many people will be happy about it.
  2. MartinTygsen

    DBI module

    No I tried it allready but no It would be great if you could take det dbi module in 3.3, I understand if you dont have the time to help me, so I will try in another forum or install apahce mysql perl my self on the hard way Thanks alot for a great product, and I will check in regular to se if there is any changes in the version number. If its possibly to make det PPM a plugin to the UniServ it would be more than GREAT
  3. MartinTygsen

    DBI module

    Hello, Thanks for a exelent package with perl apache mysql etc. I am used to the PPM from activestate because i run Windows XP But my problem is that I cant use PPM in the uniform server, so I really dont know how to install the DBI module. I tried installing it with perl makefile.pl and then dmake ( alså tried nmake and just make) but none of them worked, I never tried installing a module that way, and I'm kinda new at perl. So I hope some one would help me install DBI module on my Windows XP. (Why not include the DBI module in the next release, its a comon and well used module.) Many thanks Best Regards Martin Tygsen
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