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    what settings do i put into MySQL Administrator when it ask me for the password, username, server host and port number?
  2. under the plug in section there is a pearl link to install pearl when i try to install it i get this error Loading zlib: ok Downloading package: PEAR-stable......ok Downloading package: Archive_Tar-stable....ok Downloading package: Console_Getopt-stable....ok Downloading package: XML_RPC-stable....ok Downloading package: Pager............ok Downloading package: HTML_Template_IT....ok Downloading package: Net_UserAgent_Detect....ok Downloading package: PEAR_Frontend_Web....ok Bootstrapping: PEAR...................(remote) Found The document has moved here. Apache/1.3.37 Server at cvs.php.net Port 80 ok Bootstrapping: Archive_Tar............(remote) ok Bootstrapping: Console_Getopt.........(remote) ok Downloading package: DB...............ok Downloading package: Net_Socket.......ok Downloading package: Net_SMTP.........ok Downloading package: Mail.............ok Downloading package: XML_Parser.......ok Downloading package: PHPUnit..........ok Fatal error: Undefined class name 'pear' in W:\home\admin\www\plugins\pear\go_pear.php on line 668
  3. ok i got it to work it werent my firewal it was because i missed something when i downgrade to php 4. one other simple thing though i have to keep my pc on at all time if my no one will be able to see my website right ? i know it is astupid question but its my first time doing all this.
  4. when windows internet explorer disapper w drive disappear aswell
  5. i am trying t o start the server but only thing that comes up is the command prompt say server is working on disk w then my pc beeps twice and then the Admin panel try to start in windows internet explorer then it just disappear after about 10 seconds and nothing comes up i dont know if its my firewall blocking it as i dont know how to configure Trend Micro Pc Cllin Personal firewall and i cant find a tutorial that says how to Can some one helps Please Thanks in advance
  6. no i dont really have a reason for updating i just dont like using software or anything that is out of date. Also i am having a problem installing the perl module in my acp it give me a error message when i try to install it
  7. yea but i have no idea how to install it so could you tell me how to please Thank you
  8. clean install of what exactly? if your talking about the server yes. if your talking about myphpadmin how do i do a clean install of that am i ment to just copy the files form the new version over the ones on the server?
  9. when i go to myphpadmin>Privileges i get this error message Warning: Your privilege table structure seems to be older than this MySQL version! Please run the script mysql_fix_privilege_tables that should be included in your MySQL server distribution to solve this problem!
  10. ok thank you i will post back if i get stuck on anything and need help
  11. can i upgrade to phpMyAdmin with out any problems?
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