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  1. Ah, i am suspecting my router-server (linux), but i just couldnt imagine why the hell the UniFormServer needs an internet-connection to the outer world ^^ I read in the error message in that IE-Browser, that it was generated by squid. Mh? So my proxie grml around? Well.. i try to .. disalbe the proxie settings OH MY GOD.. i see the Main PAGE Whoohoo .. Best Regards Akira
  2. It automatically opens an IE-Browser with the adress "http://localhost/a/" But the requested URL could not be retrieved, it says. And as you already know with the reason access denied. Well, my profile is in the Admin Group, yes. So this is why I wonder that it doesnt run .. Akira
  3. Hello, well, i got a problem (who not ) and as you already read i try to start the Server with a profile that is not that of the "Adminitrator". Well my profile is in the group of an Administrator, but after executing start.bat only the new Drive will be setup, but the server does not work. Failure Message is: "Access Denied". Without reason.. So, i switched to "Administrator" and started "start.bat" and voilá it runs. But.. well.. i dont wanna be Administrator Is there a Possibility to make it run for another profile in Win2k? I thought if my profile is in Admin-Group too, i could do the same as the Administrator.. I would be very, very happy to get some help from you. Greetinx Akira
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