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  1. Eh, i typed my ipadress correct, so that can't be the problem. Also i did forward my router to my lan ipdress, so dat cant be the problem either. And I do not have any firewalls, included the one from XP, on. Also good to know is that it all works fine within the lan.
  2. i can reach mysql localy via phpmyadmin, but i cant reach it via a php script which is somewere on the internet outside my lan. I opened port 3306 and i do not have any firewalls on.
  3. Hey, I'm trying to connect my MySQL server, which is stored at my home under a ip adres, from an server on internet (www.server.com) via php. But it cant reach it. I have forward my port (3306) to my computer in my router and in my PHPMyAdmin a gave acces to a user for any host. What can be the problem? Thanks
  4. Oke, sounds like I am not going to delete them Thanks
  5. I was wondering if I could delete the databases 'information_schema' and 'mysql' in the, as it seems to be, pre configured mysql database without any concsequences. I saw them in my phpmyadmin and I was curieus where the were for because they look empty? Thanks, Kirk (from the Netherlands)
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