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  1. Host platform for Uniform Server will be Windows XP Pro. Is there some way of keeping access to Uniform Server strictly local -- that is, not available via my network connection to the world? Or is that already built in? Note that I do have Zone Alarm Pro installed as a software firewall, so undoubtedly when I try to connect to localhost for Uniform Server, I'll be asked what permissions to give. What should I way.
  2. I already have Tomcat 5 installed on my Windows XP Professional PC for my local use. If I want to use Tomcat under Uniform Server, do I still need the Tomcat plug-in? Or, if not, what do I do to connect the existing version?
  3. Where is the Tomcat plug-in download? The link "Download" for Tomcat 5 at http://www.uniformserver.com/index.php?us=plugins has target http://www.uniformserver.com/index.php?us=plugins# and so just take one back to the same page, rather than give access to a new page (at SourceForge?) from which the file can actually be downloaded!
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