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  1. Thanks Ric that worked. Ver 4.4 Mona (windows enviro)... Browser Access to virtual hosts kills/stops all apache.exe processes Entries made from apanel-admin vitual host form and or from httpd.conf file message from browser ... Firefox3.5= "the conecction was reset"..the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading The windows host file entries are updated and correct. Is this a known problem?
  2. why is the eaccelerator control panel - 4.4 mona menu item missing in admin panel menu?
  3. Discovered the uniserver package and have been using uniserver 3.3 since its release... execellent ...well done. Llike the clean admin/management interface. Would apreciate very much the following for version 4. 1. Application services currently active or idle...show status info display for... mysql application port ftp application port smtp application port cgi if enabled ssi if enabled 2. Listing of installed support apps and component versions... php, perl & python, etc 3. Include portal application like Joomla & others in the core OR the option to install from the admin menu. Many thanks for a great product and look forward to the next release. Best wishes for 2007
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