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  1. When I installed Datalife Engine 5.1, and access some link (like that : http://localhost/demo/datalife/2006/11/20/post.html#comment, it will come back content to http://localhost/ ) At .htaccess, I use : Pls help me fix this problem !
  2. I can take care of all Vietnam translations I'm Vietnamese !
  3. The best I select Unifrom Server is "Unzip and Use" And I want include .jsp into Uniform. Are some guy also think like me ?
  4. Uniform for Linux is kool ! Let's distribute pack for it like http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html ! It's kool
  5. I love free. I want learn about Linux and at this moment, I use Vmware to boot 20 distro Linux But I also love some software Windows like Uniform Server But now, I saw the problem. Thanks to reply. Hei guy, when new version of Uniform Server is public ? (I have a secret to developing it but ...)
  6. Hi guy ! At this moment, I've change my OS to Linux . But I also love Uniform Server. I want know, are you want developing Uniform Server with Linux ?
  7. I have 5 partitions ! And when I try to run Uniformserver, its make new virtual partition ! http://trangtron.biz/quan/uniform.jpg Location : WorldWeb (W) I want partition W hidden ! Help me !
  8. I have many file (encode by Zend) and I can't use it in my Uniform Server. Pls help me conf : My Uniform Server 3.3 or 3.2a support Zend. Thanks admin ! (Ex Some doc and link download)
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