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  1. A quick overlook on how to put a UniServer online: 1) Make sure your router is open for incoming connections on port 80, and that those are forwarded to the machine with the webserver. 2) Open a hole accordingly in your firewall for connections to port 80. 3) Edit the .htaccess file in W:\www\ folder. As of current (UniServer 3.2), it contains: Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Allow from this section to allow anyone access to the folder (and thus to the site). 4) Find your WAN IP (see http://myip.dk to get the actual IP if in doubt). If your ISP isn't blocking anything, others should be able to connect to your webserver now. Thats about it! Ofcourse you should put something in the www folder to replace the default index.html page. And to avoid using the IP number as your address, find a free service that'll point your/an address to your IP, like http://www.dyndns.org/ 's Dynamic and Static DNS services (use the one that applies to you - if your WAN IP always is the same, thats Static). Hope this helps, AlleyKat
  2. (Which taught a certain webmaster to have backups)
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    Olajide > grab me when you get on IRC next time - I got a virtual hosts script (for viewing and adding vhosts) for Windows. gopo > velkommen til Der er en dansk tutorial hér, hvis du ellers er medlem på Eksperten.dk: http://www.eksperten.dk/artikler/218
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    Try going to a command prompt and run the command 'netstat -a -b' - that'll show all ports in use, and what application is using it. It's the ':http' one that is port 80 (or add param -n to see ports in numeric format).
  5. For the RSS discussion, I can add that the RSS feed isn't *supposed* to have any style info associated with it. RSS feeds are for XML-reading RSS/RDF reader appications/scripts. It's a news format, not a page format. Try FeedReader or any other RSS-reading application to see how it works.
  6. Sure all files are in place? Anything changed? What version are you using?
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