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  1. Do you mean to the routers web admin interface? It really shouldn't - that could mean the router is open on port 80 (and thus taking over port 80 itself). A routers admininterface should never be generally open to the net.
  2. Detail is, it depends on several factors - mainly on the Listen and NameVirtualHosts directives. Both should be good if both Listen and NameVirtualHosts are set up fully, I think.
  3. Well, let's see.. About answering time: You were just plain lucky - I haven't been here for the last 1½ month to tell the truth, and it's even longer since I answered a question at all. Fast support is paid support, I'm afraid - apart from that you're in the voluntary jungle where answers often are provided by others as readily as by oneself. You can actually find most information here on the forums or in the wiki. Early XAMPP was to the best of my knowledge actually based on uniserver - the difference is mainly in the user interface and the installer(s). Uniserver isn't meant to be quite like xampp - the codeword is 'bonzai', as small as possible with full functionality (but without bloat). We all have to start somewhere, and UniServer (or for that matter XAMPP) are excellent starting points. You'll probably soon find that you need to know more about the configuration of Apache and PHP to use it more fully, and these solutions are still way easier for a beginner than to start with Apache, PHP and MySQL from scratch.
  4. The folder www is there and contains files?
  5. AlleyKat

    PHP4 with CURL?

    No, find CURL for php5: http://dk.php.net/get/pecl-5.1.1-Win32.zip/from/a/mirror
  6. You would need to define separate folders in php.ini's and in Apache, but it sure should be possible to do.
  7. Have you changed the root password? Then you need to change it in the phpMyAdmin file too.. uhmm.. diskw\home\admin\www\mysql_password is the file if you're using the UniServer phpmyadmin config file, if not edit the config file instead.
  8. Hehe it's pretty easy replacing the phpmyadmin anyway, right... I have at least a couple of versions installed here.. and editing it isn't all that bad anyway, just add the langfiles and edit the diskw\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\libraries\select_lang.lib.php $available_languages = array( 'af-iso-8859-1' => array('af|afrikaans', 'afrikaans-iso-8859-1', 'af'), 'af-utf-8' => array('af|afrikaans', 'afrikaans-utf-8', 'af'), 'ar-win1256' => array('ar|arabic', 'arabic-windows-1256', 'ar'), // [etc usw osv] 'zh-utf-8' => array('zh|chinese simplified', 'chinese_simplified-utf-8', 'zh') ); - or copy over the file from latest PMA, as I recall it hasn't changed. I'm totally on Olajides side in this, they're big and it's bloat.
  9. I start up with a link to the following .vbs file in my startup group (call it anything.vbs, and put it in the uniserver folder): ' Name: Start MS-DOS File ' By: The Uniform Server Development Team ' Edited Last By: AlleyKat ' Comment: Re-Arranged everything to look nicely ' Auto start of MySQL || 9/8/04 AlK Dim WSHShell, dir, fso, f1 Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WSHShell.run "diskw\plugins\UniTray\UniTray.exe -scriptfile=diskw\plugins\UniTray\UniTray.ini",0,0 WSHShell.run "Start.bat W mysql",0,0 ' --- now give it 10 sec to start the servers before starting browser (edit this to fit) WScript.sleep(10000) ' --- If you do not want to open default browser at server start - Comment next line WSHShell.run "http://localhost"Note that you may have the unitray files in another location, etc.
  10. Hmm 2.6 isn't much of a codebase, you should update... but anyway, the principle should be the same for all versions, using Apache's VirtualHost directives. http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...&hl=virtualhost
  11. Sorry, but no can do, it's not quite that easy... first thing that'll happen: Apache trying to write to its own (now readonly) log files that it has started... second thing is the same for the MySQL server. The solution would be something like: Reconf Apache to store temp and log files on c: Reconf MySQL to store all data on c: Each time the CD is autorun, it should run a check to see if it has been run before (like, if c:\UniServFiles\ doesn't exist, create it and copy the MySQL datafiles over there for use). Optimum, the system should check if port 80 is in use already? OK, not needed, but practical...
  12. Hmm? Did you find out? You stop and then disable services from Control panel > Administration > Services. You must have run the services installer at some point to make them services. Do you still have the old versions files? Look in doc\services\files - there should be an uninstall.bat
  13. Have you tried reading the file? You can disable it there...
  14. I've got no suggestions for the MySQL popup, but I must admit that it doesn't bother me at all. Wasting extra memory and code time to hide it fully is silly IMHO. It's just for a second anyway, and I only see it among a flurry of others on system restarts. I did my own Admin panel contents based on an old Olajide admin panel version, and actually I never use it anyway. I even did the same back in the 'purple page' days; why speculate about it when you can re-write it? Got a system tray control - the UniTray is excellent. I also rewrote that for my own purposes, but thats a detail. http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.p...lease_id=314153
  15. I prefer the non-services approach, and you actually got it almost right the first time. The trick is to make a link - a shortcut - to the start file instead. Ctrl-shift-drag.
  16. shouldn't be posted under Open Discussion, Olajide... I couldn't find the darn post again. Danish files attached. Admin_Panel_2.0_Language_Translation_Pack___Danish_Dansk.zip
  17. AlleyKat

    IT class Server

    Tip: Look in Apache's config file, W:\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf Look for the DocumentRoot directive in this file - that's what's needed for running the sites themselves off another drive. This could cause some problems with the other directives and thus with special pages like Status and Admin panel, but try anyway.
  18. More likely you didn't get the port changed in mysql itself, look in W:\usr\local\mysql\bin\my-small.cnf In there you define what port MySQL itself is using.
  19. Any leftover apache, php or mysql files in windows may cause errors - try looking in the apache error logs and see what they say about it.
  20. Some earlier versions of ZoneAlarm are actually making Apache crash, just to point that out... As far as UniServer goes, you could just allow any traffic on port 80 in the (well, any) firewall's settings and you'd still be safe from internet access with the default security. If you don't want people to know that you have a webserver at all and want/must have port 80 blocked, you could also reconfigure it to run on a different port. A slight change in the Apache config file does this.
  21. http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks As I recall its just putting the Options line before all the wordpress generated code in the file. It may also need a RewriteBase directive if run in a subfolder. I think there are a set of 'divider' comment lines in the .htaccess?
  22. OK, maybe we should try making some rules, these timezone problems are going from an annoyance to being a problem I think. Couldn't we all agree on calculating in UTC? That way, noone has any advantage over others, and we can hardly miscalculate times. Maybe Olajide could add a small Java clock showing local (board profile) time and UTC time besides eachother in a header or footer somewhere, making it easier? http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/pers...l?cities=69,179 something like this perhaps? (java applet)
  23. Uhmm I must advice against storing those files in the online folder, unless extra steps has been taken to protect that type of files. Pointing to, and putting them into, the W:\htpasswd\ folder should be just fine I think?
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