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  1. I have a no-ip.com subdomain address (with port 80 forwarding to 81) pointing to my dynamically changing IP address. I also have a domain address (let's call it domainA.com), right now forwarded to my no-ip.com subdomain address. My question is, is it possible to set it up so that if people come from domainA.com that they are sent to the domainA folder in my www directory in Uniserver while if they come from, let's say, domainB.com that they are sent to the domainB folder in my www directory in Uniserver? The big question, is this possible while using a dynamic IP service like no-ip as a middleman?
  2. I am using a router and you were right, I did have to mess around with the port forwarding a bit to get it to work properly. This was also a huge help, thank you to the person who wrote it! I am accessing it on another computer behind the network, but via a dyndns redirector, plus canyouseeme.org is finally saying it can see my service.
  3. I am having similar problem. I can access my website by going to http://localhost just fine. When I try to access the website externally though, I get connection refused. At first I was getting a 404 message, but this was from IIS and so I uninstalled it. Now I simply get "connection refused." I do not have a .htaccess or .htpasswd file in my main www directory at all, or any of the sub directories for that matter. edit: I am using Windows 2000 Server. Is it possible that the .htaccess file is hidden? I set Folder Options to "show hidden files and folders" and even disabled "hide protected os files" and still don't see any. Are there some access settings in the security tab of the folders that I have to change? edit: from a somewhat similar post... A. Do you have Skype installed? nope, this prob isn't related. B. Do you have an Anti-Virus Software Installed? AVG 6.0 but I used to use IIS on 80 and it worked fine (IIS is not completely uninstalled). C. Is your Anti-Virus Software blocking port 80? Prob not, see above. D. Do you have a drive on your PC already named W:/? Nope, just my main HD. E. Do you have any other programs that might be using or blocking port 80? DynDNS updater and NO-IP DUC but I believe these use alt ports and not port 80. F. Do you have a drive named W:/? I have a drive named W but only after I use start.bat so it is the Uniserver drive. G. What OS is your computer running? Windows 2000 Server H. What error does it bring up? Worked fine when I access it from within my computer i.e. http://localhost but when trying to access from outside network
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