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  1. and ,someting need to set in the html files <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" /> and need CSS to control the admin panel's font size, as i saw it is too small for chinese users
  2. chinese gb second version i have seen the big 5 verison , its better than my gb version, so i check my translation again and change some words as i saw the big 5 version. i had to thank SMC! The uniform server 3.3 beta looks nice! but i am too busy and still have no time to test the uniform server 3.3 beta. poor english and translation,need chinese tester to tell me bug. ps: i dont like the way of scroll in admin panel, too slow. gb.zip
  3. call it ChineseGB2312 is ok ChineseGB2312.zip
  4. olajideolaolorun recentlly ,i have too many things to do and couldnot test the language pack maybe tonight i will test the pack again to see is there any bug with my trans.. and the question u have asked i did edit the line 65 ,change "English" to "chinesegb2312" beacuse i think that's a part of traslation which need to do . and something i have told u in the PM chinese language have two code versions, one is gb2312, the other is big5
  5. try again. no time to check & test why i could not upload a *.rar file? down load Attached File, change it to *.rar,not zip ChineseGB2312.zip
  6. just give me few days i am busy these days.
  7. ye, thats the team s work! thanks again!
  8. great job & hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so good ~~~~~
  9. hoho,that just my little option, and "green" = dont need install it ,not about the color
  10. i am glad to see my english could be understand ,hoho ye ,the logo ,for my poor english, i couldnot explain it better,i try my best ,i think a logo should tell the looker the meaning of it so uniformserver was a clean, green software ,so the logo also should be suggest this meaning or more ,the used logo as i seem dont show these things. that's just what i thinked PS. i am waiting for the new vision of uniformsever wihch include the PHP4&GD
  11. hi guys ,i am coming from the visual ,i think the new site's logo need redesign and the site need more image to show the soft from the code , i see the site build on XHTML,that's good , i dont konw how popular the W3C is ? but that's must be the next web stand vision that's all
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