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  1. my problem was solved just by refreshing as Oji suggested JH
  2. Ok, thanks Olajideolaolorun, i have found how to handle the .htaccess - files. Now the next thing is the .htpasswd - files, please see my posted question
  3. Perhaps dum question, but i cannot get the pathname straight for the location of a .htpasswd - file. Can you help me out please. In particular how do you start the pathname ? For instance with /localhost ??? or /WEBROOT cheers, JH
  4. When the server is running i am not able to access it from outside. The IP-address is found, but then it is bounced with error message 403. Could this have to do with a firewall on the machine where the server is running ? Or some other settings somewhere? Please advice, cheers, JH
  5. Thanks, after having started the FTPServer.exe file once directly it would also start properly from the *.bat file and so the problem was solved. cheers, JH
  6. When starting the Quick 'n Easy FTP Server Plugin the server program starts, but i do not see any Admin Tool appearing as it should according to the Readme-file. Another thing is that you may like to correct the text in this Readme-file where it says SlimFTP, perhaps copied from the Readme-file in the SlimFTP plugin?
  7. I get this error when i run the start.bat file. The W-drive is created, but then i get the error message. So where am i supposed to make that connection ?
  8. Hi, i am getting the error message "connection refused while atttempting to contact to local host". Is this a firewall problem or antivirus-software problem? I am using Windows2000 with the Norton Symantic Client Firewall and Norton anti-virus software on a laptop, cheers, JH
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