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  1. Just a few comments from me. Since hMailServer 4.0, the installation do not have to write to C:\Windows\hMailServer.ini any more. In previous versions, the file hMailServer.ini (that pointed out what database to use and directory information) was stored here. But in 4.0 (and of-course any future version), hMailServer.ini is stored in the Bin directory, (normally C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Bin). But there are still some COM objects that are needed by the installation, and hMailServer must run as a service to run properly. If the COM objects aren registered, hMailAdmin won't work. And without hMailAdmin, you cant add/edit/delete domains/accounts which makes it a bit unusable.. Would be nice to hear what would be needed for it to be considered "mobile"? No service registration and no need for COM registration?
  2. May I ask how hMailServer can cause a problem? I'm the "author" of hMailServer and this sounds like something I should know of..
  3. That's not correct. hMailServer works fine with the PHP mail() function if that's what you're talking about. By default, hMailServer requires authentication when sending email. Of some obscure reason that I'm not aware of, PHP mail() doesn't support this, even if's been in the SMTP-standard for years. But you can easily override this hMailServer requirement by modifying the IP ranges so that authentication isn't required from the web server. (Simply de-select Require authentication for deliveries for the IP range that matches your web server). / Martin (the hMailServer developer)
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