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  1. OK, thanks olajideolaolorun!
  2. Thanks for info. One more question. How can an internet user could see my site on my uniformserver? It should by something like... where is my ip (it's an example of course )
  3. Oh I didn't know MSAS is powered by uniserver. That's sayin' a lot! Regarding the db files, I want to run multiple mambo sites on one uniserver. So for every mambo site should I use one uniserver or is possible to run multiple mambos on the same server? Cheers
  4. Hi, First I want to say hello everyone ... 'm new here! I like uniserver and I'm using it with Mambo (CMS). Even if Mambo have a similar support application (that's MSAS), I'm still using the uniserver. It's simply clever and very light. Now as you maybe know, Mambo is using mySQL and the db file must have a pass. I put it one and I wasn't able to enter the phpmyadmin. That's why I came here but I read some other topics here about how to change the mysql password and that is done. My question is regarding the multiple installation of Mambo on the same server. It's simple but in the installation process I must provide the db_file and the password. I don't tried it yet but is working for sure... with the same password. My question now, can I provide different passwords for the db_files? And if yes, how can I do this? Cheers
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