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  1. THANKS MRX i did the same but the problem persists...when i uses it on a single pc it works fine but when i connects my pc with local interanet it goes on finding & finding...i am using ISA server at my main server maching with Ip & on ip i want to make my own virtual host but it seems workless...all my efforts are vain to do so..i had read the related apache config pages & somehow uniformserver pages too but nothing could solve this problem..please help me how to do so....how to edit my hosts file what ip i'll have to give over there for my localhost or any server name i choose...
  2. Haye I am using uniform server 3.3 its working fine and excellent on my local machine with localhost...but when i tried to host multiple domains upon it goes undergrouond means stopped working...as mentioned in different articles i had modified httpd.conf & hosts file in my apache as well as windows folder but it'snt seems to be worked..why it is? I put the following text in my httpd.conf file; NameVirtualHost *:80 <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName skylink DocumentRoot "www/skylink" </VirtualHost> after putting it i had edited the hosts file in windows directory and at the end it looks like that; # rhino.acme.com # source server # x.acme.com # x client host localhost localhost:80 skylink # Skylink test after doing that i had started my uniserver and typed http://skylink it said document not found (but i had placed each & everything there in www directory & skylink directory) when i tried it by just typing http://localhost same error document not find even though it's same on writting its doing so..please any one if knows the right place.....as i had read the whole documentation... please tell me here or mail me.....i shall be very thankful to you..
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