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  1. Ack

    Changeing Ports

    Ok, i got it working but when i access the pages it says: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /a on this server.
  2. Ack

    Changeing Ports

    Yes, i got the httpd.conf file edited correctly. Do i start the server as a service or just with start.bat?
  3. Ack

    Changeing Ports

    I got uniform server running, but i wanted to change the port from port 80 to port 82. So i edited the apache config file and restarted but it still won't work for port 82. I tried downloading unitray but it had an error about some .dat file.
  4. O ok, thx i'll do that.
  5. I just download uniform server and when i tried to extract it it said i need a password.
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