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  1. I dont set my hdd to power down in the power options. Ive tryed other verions of uniform server with no luck
  2. Those locations dont work, nor do any sub folders under them. I cant notice anything that i run that courses it, my PC can be idle and it will just stop working. I might try a odler verison and see if it does the same.
  3. Apche is still in the taks manager yes, and the w drive is still there also.
  4. No im not testing it with mambo, i know its stoped because when i try to connect to my website via web adress or localhost it does not work, i cant even view a folder, it says cannot connect to localhost, and either cannot connect to "mywebsiteadress" When this happens ai have to stop the server, then start it again.
  5. Ok its stoped again and apache is still in the task manager. Im using Zone alarm security suit, but have done ever since uniform server has been aroun with no problems. Its weird how it will work for a while then just stop working, cant think of anything other than zone alarm that could cause it. but i know its not zonealarm.
  6. Using windows xp sp1. My website doesnt load, then i check localhost and thats not working either, just doesnt load. But everything loads fine when i stop and start it all up again. Ihavent chekced the task manager, but i hsall do that next time it stops working and report back in here. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Uniform server starts fine and works fine, however, it randomly just stops working, even localhost does not work, and i have to click the stop.bat then start.bat to make it work again. Im using the latest version of uniform server Could someone please help me out here? Thankyou.
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