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  1. Thank you yet again for taking the time to reply. I actually got some good news from my employer, it might just happen that I'll be using .asp only for a few more months because we're switching to PHP. I still think that a plugin would be very useful but as it stands right now I'll be able to do without it quite soon.
  2. I appologise for the late reply but was away and didn't have internet access (the unimaginable has happened). Thank you both for your responses. I did notice the ASP.NET tutorial but as MrX pointed out that is something all together different. I'm really looking forward to switching to Uniform Server and if that plugin will be made available I'll make the switch for sure. @olajideolaolorun: do you have any idea when the plugin could/will be complete? Thanks again, very nice support.
  3. I've been running Apache for quite some time but then switched to Abyss because of it's ease of operation and the fact .asp was _so_ easy to add. Are there any plugins or detailed tutorials how to add .asp to Uniform server? I still need .asp because of my current job and it would be great if I could easily make the switch back to Apache. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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