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  1. Hello, Well I'll get down to the real deal on what I am trying to do! I wanted to setup a webpage that is a HTTPS page and NOT a http page. The reason why I am doing this is because I wanted to tunnel or used a proxy server where it is secure to the webpages. I am using a cell phone to surf the internet but my cell phone provider found out that I was getting the full access to the internet which they don't allow! I am only paying for WAP webpages but the way I found around this was going to webpages that where HTTPS and then I found website that where using a proxy server but as long as the web address started with HTTPS I can still surf the internet. What I wanted to do now is setup my server to have webpages with HTTPS on them so I can look at my stuff or do some surfing. I don't wanted to give that much detail because I notice that other website where they give information about tunnel though the cell phone provider they keep a eye on this and then stop the service. So I am wondering if I can run a SSH website? or webpages that start with the address HTTPS? if you need more detail I will give them out. Thank You
  2. Ok !! Thank You again !! for all your help !!
  3. oh yeah !! I see now !! Thank You !! for all your help ! I will be back !
  4. Ok, I see the pin to this forum but where do I check the Wiki? is it on the bottom of the forum?
  5. Ok, sound good !! Well now do you know anything on how I can put this server online using No-ip.com? I think with this service I can redirect my ip address to the server. Do you know if I would have to config any files in the server to used this service?
  6. Cool ! well just looking in the "W:\home" and "W:\usr" there is alot of things in there ! My questions is what would I have to do if I need to put a user to edit some web files remote? do I have to edit any of these files? I know you said not to worry about these folders but I do see alot of things in there, I was just wondering if I will need them down the line? Thank You
  7. Hey, I have couple of more questions: 1) Under the Drive "W:\" I have five folders "Usr", "WWW", "Cgi-bin", "Home" and "Tmp" could you please explain what are the used for each folder? 2) My second question is under the Drive "D:\" which is on my computer. "D:\UniServer3_2a" under the UniServer3_2a Folder why are there two more folders call "diskw" and "Doc"? and how can I used these folders? So far these are some of my questions I have, I wanted to learn alittle better so I can started putting something online but I wanted to have a better understanding before I do anything. Thank You !
  8. Cool ! Well it is kind of late right now but I had some more questions! I will posted them up here tomorrow! and once more THANK YOU for all your help so far!
  9. Hey I reload uniformserver and it seem to work now, but I have a question? how come I could not find the uninstall option? I went into windows to see if I could uninstall under Add & Removed Programs and I could not find "Uniformserver" so I have to delete every file. Well I am going to start all over again and see what happens, but could you answer my question above.
  10. The only programs I loaded where the plugins The ftp and the systray plugins so I don't know what went wrong? What should I do next?
  11. Ok, when I click on "Start.bat" the command window opens up, inside the command window it said " The disk w is busy. Use start.bat [disk letter]. Press any key to continue" so I press any key to continue. I click on my IE to open up a windows, in the address bar I type "Http://localhost" and I get a error saying "The page cannot be displayed" so I even type "http://localhost/a" and still get the error "The page cannot be displayed". I have noticed this problem when I started to download all the plugins, I don't know if this was the reason why I am getting this error, but before it used to open up to "http://localhost/a" but not anymore, I hope this helps! Thank You
  12. Well not anymore! I used too but it will not let me! I get a error saying "The Page cannot be displayed" I don't know what happen? I used to login but I am not to sure if it is windows xp pro doing it? because I get that stuiped information bar! telling me that I have some active x so I click on "allow" then I get that error. Well I was thinking if I should reload the server again? Do you think this might be a good idea?
  13. I am sorry it does say " 'diskw/home/admin/program/uniserv.exe" also when I wanted to get to the admin html where the setting are at I click on redirect.html but I think windows xp is not letting me get to it because I am getting a error saying the page cannot be display! hey by the way you guys are fast for answering question here! well let me know what to do next but here is my setup so far I have a drive "D" with D:\uniserver3_2 under this folder I have other folders including .bat files! here is what is under this folder: UniServe3_2(Folder), diskw(Folder), Doc(Folder), SlimFtp(folder), Unitray(folder), redirect.html, start.bat, and stop.bat I am think maybe I setup something wrong? well under the W:\ I have USR(folder), WWW(folder), and Plugins(folder) let me know if I have setup something wrong ! and thanks for all your help ! I have not setup anything online yet! I am thinking of using noip.com for a domain name or sevices! well let me know if you can help me out? and once more THANK YOU !
  14. Hello, I download the plugin for the ftpserver but I am getting a error saying "Windows cannot find 'diskw/home/admin/program/unieerv.exe'" when I get this error is when I click on start slimftp.bat ! The other thing is when I click on SlimFTP.exe nothing happens! Now I download the Plugin to the W:/ and made a folder call Plugins but I did not open them there, I put them in D:/UniServer3_2 folder which made a folder call "Slimftp" in the UniServer3_2 folder there is also start.bat, stop.bat, redirect.html, doc and diskw. I don't understand what am I doing wrong? Could someone help me out?
  15. I just read the Readme.txt file, it does not say much at all ! just how to start it up and shut it down. I was hoping on some more information !
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