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  1. Ric; I have a similar problem, Apache and MySQL starting up as SERVICES, ON BOOT. I think this is slightly different than reported by Tolodine earlier in this thread. However, like Tolodine, Unitray stop options do not stop either service. I'm running Win XP SP3, US 5.7.2 Installed in C:/UniformServer572/UniServer/ which is the documentroot path I've checked the paths in httpd.conf and all seem to be correct and without spaces. I will try the two batch files you suggested earlier and will edit this post with the result. [edit] both z_start.bat and z_stop.bat WORKED, starting and stopping apache and mysql. I'll also try the alternative batch files and report later. [edit] I ran Service_Install_Run.bat in alternative-control dir. Did not work, reporting the following errors: ... The service name is invalid. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2185. Apache port = 80 - OK to run Apache service SSL not enabled skipping port test. Apache Syntax check - Syntax OK Installing ApacheS1 Service ... Installing the ApacheS1 service (OS 5)Access is denied. : Failed to create WinNT Service Profile The service name is invalid. ...
  2. Wow, it's been 2 years since I last used filezilla and I'm running into the same problem as arlanda. US 5.7.2 has different folder structure, so I vote for a plugin, if some kind soul will create it... Thanks
  3. Ric; I've tried to locate the Aestan docs on their website but it seems to be "dated" information and not supported. I don't have the tools to recompile this very nice utility, so I am unable to make the changes in spelling needed to make it work with the corrected php.ini.delvelopment.nano filename. Please let us know when this change is reflected in new unitray code. I'll then be able to change MY code to use the corrected filename (I'm doing some editing-on-the-fly of the php.ini file, which uses the two versions, production and developement.) Thanks for your help on everything.
  4. Just installed US nano 5.7.1 and found that the development version if php.in is spelled 'php.ini_delvelopment_nano'. (php.ini_development_nano???). It's a minor point but if your batch file attempts to write to this file, or you use php to do file editing, it will fail unless the name is misspelled in both places... FYI
  5. Just a thank you to the Uniform Server Team for V5.0 Nano Beta. I'm running Windows XP sp3 on a 10Gb laptop 900mhz processor with only 256Mb ram. I LIKE THE FOOTPRINT SIZE!!!! I've downloaded and installed 5.0 AND configured/copied my entire site development configuration in under 10 minutes! Compared to two days when I moved from V3.5 to 4.3. The MySQL data worked without modification moving from 4.3 Mona to 5.0 Beta, so this was a major time saver. I like the new layout and have only one suggestion at this point: When I UN-installed the services, I get no feedback on either the process or its completion status. It worked, but I didn't KNOW that until I used task manager to check for any remaining processes. Give me a popup with uninstall process feedback please, or at least a message telling me the uninstall is finished. I'll have more info as I continue to test this version. Thanks again Dave
  6. Ric said: >If you are still having a problem download the file again, I can’t explain why in your particular case the folder does not exist. I can't explain it either, however I post this in case someone else runs into the problem in the future. The file downloads with no problem. This was never the problem. This is the directory structure I get from extracting the _file_ UniServer_FileZillaFTPd_1.0.zip using 7Zip.exe udrive _|-docs _|-filezilla_server __|-basic __|-disk_root __|-filezilla_server_portable __|-run_as_service there are no other folders visible and 7Zip does not show any other folders inside the zip file itself. I DO NOTE that the name of the zip _file_ itself is the same as the "missing" _folder_ name that prompted this thread. I hope we're not confusing file and folder names here... The wiki says "folder". I got it installed by copying all files in each folder to the respective folder under my uniserver installation. aside from problems with firefox/fireftp and username/password, which I don't think is related to the install, it works and I am able to run filezilla server under 4.3 Mona. Hope this helps someone.
  7. Following the instructions here: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Fi...2:_Introduction I pulled UniServer_FileZillaFTPd_1.0.zip from SourceForge. The download and install instructions, Option 2, say to find and copy a folder from the extracted info. The indicated folder: UniServer_FileZillaFTPd_1.0, does not exist in the extracted information. I suspect there were changes made after 4.1 Mona that aren't reflected in the wiki article. An wiki update would seem to be in order? Dave
  8. Thanks ric, Is there some reason I can't just use php_openssl.dll from the 4.3 Mona download? Different php version perhaps? No problem it was only 9.4 MB Thanks again
  9. I'm trying to use the php function file(), which can take a url attribute ie: file('https//www.somesite.com/somefile.txt') I want to read a text file from an external, secure site. I get this error message and cannot figure out how to add the wrapper for https: Message: file() [function.file]: Unable to find the wrapper "https" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? I do confirm that the wrapper "https" is NOT enabled with my install of 3.5 Apollo. My php.ini contains this switch: allow_url_fopen = On How do I enable the https wrapper? Thanks Dave
  10. yhuynh, Your configuration is the same as mine (XP, hosts, httpd.conf) except that I have used a fake domain name (ie.; yemmer.com ) in hosts and the httpd.conf files. I don't see where this would make any difference, but I note it. I also see you have localhost:80 UNCOMMENTED as a virtual host in httpd.conf THIS MAY BE THE PROBLEM... I have it commented out in my httpd.conf (see below) Do you have a valid html file in the root? index.php, .html etc? Localhost is the default choice in httpd.conf and so it will be presented when apache cannot find the specified domain. That's why localhost:80 is first in the list in httpd.conf. I do NOT have localhost (without the port 80) specified in httpd.conf. Look around line 278 for "servername localhost:80". Here's my configuration for comparison, all of which is working: HOSTS example localhost localhost:80 GadgetsforGold.Com StopBrite.com # TWPMarket.ing TWPMarketing.com UGM.com cimyadmin.ing HTTPD.CONF example #<VirtualHost *> # ServerName localhost:80 # DocumentRoot /www #</VirtualHost> ##########VIRTUAL HOST SETUP########## # GADGETSFORGOLD <VirtualHost *> ServerName GadgetsForGold.com DocumentRoot /www/gfg </VirtualHost> # TWPMARKET.ING <VirtualHost *> ServerName TWPMarket.ing DocumentRoot /www/twping </VirtualHost> # TWP MARKETING <VirtualHost *> ServerName TWPMarketing.com DocumentRoot /www/twp </VirtualHost> # STOPBRITE <VirtualHost *> ServerName Stopbrite.com DocumentRoot /www/sb </VirtualHost> # UG_Maint <VirtualHost *> ServerName UGM.com DocumentRoot /www/ugm </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *> ServerName cimyadmin.ing DocumentRoot /www/CIMyAdmin </VirtualHost> Hope this helps TWP
  11. markettwp

    PHP 5.3.0RC2

    >Would anyone have any objections if Perl were removed from Uniform Server? None whatsoever. I don't use it, so no loss from my side TWP
  12. A google gives this link http://freetype.sourceforge.net/index2.html This is probably to what you're referring. It is "A Free, High-Quality, and Portable Font Engine". I have not tried to install such software on Uniform Server, so I cannot say yay or nay to your question. Hope this helps TWP
  13. Ric, Thanks, hMailServer up and running now.
  14. Ric, using hMailserver 5.1, I'd like to use mySQL, but after copying libmysql.dll to the hMailserver bin directory, I'm getting significantly different questions in the setup wizards. Could you update the Unicenter instructions for a newer version of hMailserver? Note that mySQL is no longer the default db used and especially note that you must have MS .net 2.0 installed to even attempt installing hMailserver. Thanks TWP
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