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  1. i have been getting the same thing myself /uniserver 8.9.2 / windows vista/
  2. thanx for the tip i did fix it using the host file and doing the following go to and open X:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hostand added mysite.comwill this cause conflict or leave me open for hacks?
  3. Thanks BobS for the reply,, so what you saying unless i set up another outside connection there is really no way to allow me to view other than by localhost?someone mentioned to me last night also that if i add the URL to my host file it should work as well?
  4. Hi, sorry to ask as I'm sure this question has been asked allot and I'm sure it has been answered allot, however i did a search on Google and this site and haven't found an answer or may not be looking in the right place i been using uniserver since the mona days and i was never really bothered by the question i was just using the server as private to work on my sites and stuff but about 6 months backish i upgraded to coral and kept it private and just recently i wanted to probably use it as a live site for my main site so i secured it down and asked others if they can see my site via URL mysite.com everyone said they could see it accept me i can only view it via localhost how can i view via URL as well? some said it has to do with my router and ports.. the ports are open or no one can see the page correct? some said to allow the machine to be in DMZ not an option again everyone can see it via URL so it wouldn't be a firewall issue and no need to go that drastic to put the machine out in the open so to speak. is there something i could do to the uniserver config or is there a way that will allow me to see it as others? I'm running uniserver 8.9.2 Again sorry if i posted in wrong spot Thanks Rob
  5. i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, after getting my belly full and watching my team get 12-0 i am ready to work on this some more if anyone has any clue about this issue would be appreciated Rob
  6. OK here is what i have done since it still isn't working the way i want it too,,,,, i uninstalled the version i had and reinstalled a clean version , the results however were not in my favor so then i did All of this again but yet still no luck so against my better judgement i placed that machine in DMZ mode again the end results the same im pretty sure everything is set correctly unless there is something i missed im starting to get irritated with it but will try other suggestions,, Thanks Rob PS have a safe holiday Thursday
  7. as i am posting in the trouble shooting part of the forum i am noticing that when you make a post or edit a post it stalls and takes a few mins to load,
  8. Hi and thanks again for the reply to answer your question i do believe it is i went to my cmd and went to ipconfig/all and it showed me this i don't like to share that much information but int his case i will make exception knowing my internal ip is 192.1687.0.5 however i will not post my external ip, i will share in pm if you need it tho also as a test i changed ports to see if it will change anything (maybe ISP blocking) however it shows on Can you see me shows that it isn't blocked on neither port, here is some shots i took with the router information and when i did port change and the results according to server status it is working with external IP (scratched out) but yet says Accessible from Internet = No when going to the page via external ip i get a page timeout, but local ip ( it works, i hope this answer's your question and sorry if i am being a pest about it im really not a noob i used mona4.3 on my old xp machine for ages just recently i started to play around with the Coral versions on my vista machine Thanks again for the reply any help would be appreciated Rob PS this is going to sound crazy but is there something i can put into the host files to help? as i notice in my host file i see localhost ::1 localhost test i could also try to put that machine in DMZ not too keen on that idea but will try as a test if needed
  9. sorry for double post i am just wondering if anyone has a thought on were my issue is on here as i am still getting nowere Thanks Rob
  10. its not often but its alittle of both
  11. going to my external ip goes to a page cant be displayed internal ip (192.168.xxx.xxx) it loads the server root page hope that helps
  12. the page is slow to load for me as well
  13. Hi lyle thanks for the reply, to answer your question yes i did to make sure i did everything correct i have taken a few screen shots, the windows firewall is disabled as shown below i have opened a port in my router firewall verified on http://canyouseeme.org/ checked what you did suggest as i didnt do this before double checked the .htaccess to make sure it was set to allow after restarting the server the end results the same im pretty sure it is set correctly unless i am missing something thanks again Rob
  14. i know this has been brought up before & i have looked at those posts & i have done pretty much everything that they say to do but the end results the same I am using~ Uniserver: Coral_8_6_7 Windows: Vista (with firewall disabled) Router firewall port has been opened (verified on http://www.canyouseeme.org/) obviously i am connected to the internet but yet it still says it is isn't accessible from the internet. any ideas on what i did wrong..or how to fix it.. thanks in advance Rob
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